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Refractive eye treatment with CLEAR technology at FV

CLEAR is the ultimate safe, accurate and modern refractive error treatment. FV Hospital and Thanh Nien Newspaper held a consultation session “Refractive eye treatment with CLEAR technology” to answer questions from readers.

Consultation session “Refractive eye treatment with CLEAR technology”

Small laser cut, no corneal flip

FV Hospital has just introduced CLEAR technique to treat refractive errors. Talking at the online consultation program “Treatment of eye refraction by CLEAR technology“, Doctor Nguyen Thi Mai, Head of Eye Department – Refractive Surgery, FV Hospital said: To treat nearsightedness and astigmatism, there are popular laser techniques such as lasik, femtosecond lasik… CLEAR is being applied at major international hospitals such as FV Hospital. In which, with lasik or femtosecond lasik technique, the doctor uses a laser to cut a layer of corneal flap on the surface and flip it up, then, the corneal tissue underneath will be exposed. Then, the doctor uses a laser to affect this layer of corneal parenchyma to correct vision and cover the corneal flap. Meanwhile, the latest generation is now CLEAR technology, which has a very small laser cut in the cornea, only 2mm and does not need to flip the cornea. The femtosecond laser will create a split surface, separate the corneal parenchyma to be removed to correct vision and withdraw this part through this 2mm laser cut.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Mai (left) prepares to perform refractive surgery with CLEAR technology for a patient

According to Dr. Mai, the outstanding advantage of CLEAR technology is that it does not flip the cornea, so there is no wrinkle or deviation of the corneal flap after surgery; The laser cut takes a small piece of tissue only 2mm, so the recovery is very fast. Also thanks to the small cut, this method preserves the absolute biomechanical stability of the cornea, minimizes corneal damage, minimizes post-operative dry eye, eliminates complications, and has high accuracy. high accuracy and safety.

“Safety, quick recovery and the patient can return to work soon, without long downtime are the outstanding benefits of the CLEAR method for patients,” said Dr. Mai.

Answering the question “What refractive error can CLEAR treat?”, Dr. Mai said: CLEAR technique can treat nearsightedness and astigmatism with people aged 18 years and over. Specifically, the maximum nearsightedness is less than 10 Diop, the maximum disturbance is 5 Diop; the refractive index is stable for at least 6 months (does not increase by more than 0.50 Diop); Corneal structure is normal (no scarring, not keratoconus), cornea is not too thin. In addition, the patient did not have acute or chronic eye diseases such as inflammation, eye trauma, retinopathy, cataract.

In addition, with the question of many readers who do heavy work, exercise a lot, are exposed to chemical environments, etc., is it possible to treat with CLEAR method? Dr. Mai affirmed that CLEAR has minimal damage and is gentle after surgery, so these people are very suitable for refractive treatment with CLEAR.

International standard refractive error examination and treatment at FV

As one of the first people to remove nearsightedness with CLEAR technology at FV Hospital, Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang, CEO of Uni Media – Deputy Organizing Committee of Miss Universe Vietnam shared at the talkshow: Hoang is very careful with all impacts on the muscles. his body and learned about the methods of surgery. Realizing that CLEAR is a method that fits my selection criteria, including: most importantly, safety, followed by a short recovery time and not too much abstinence, without affecting work. daily activities such as attending events, filming, regularly communicating.

“At FV, the process of examination and treatment with many careful evaluations and consultations from doctors. Good service and especially modern, sterile equipment. After the surgery, my eyesight recovered each time. day and now no longer depend on glasses anymore”, Mr. Hoang assessed.

Eye refraction treatment with CLEAR technology at FV - photo 2

Mr. Bao Hoang examined his eyes before CLEAR surgery at FV

Dr. Mai further explained that the examination process is very important because the more accurate the examination results, the quicker and more successful the surgery. The Department of Ophthalmology – Refractive Surgery, FV Hospital is invested with many modern machines to help doctors measure the patient’s eye parameters and accurately assess vision status, and at the same time detect eye diseases early. inoperable signs. The examination process at FV hospital is very strict, strict and careful through many steps, it takes about 2-3 hours.

After a thorough examination, the patient will be carefully advised by the doctor whether or not to be treated with CLEAR.

According to Dr. Mai, each surgery with CLEAR technology at FV takes place on average in about 10-15 minutes for both eyes, in which, laser surgery for refractive error is only about 20 seconds. Patients can fully return to their daily activities and activities as soon as they leave the operating room.

“Removing myopia and dysarthria by CLEAR method, post-operative care is very simple. After surgery, the patient can return to normal activities; eat normally, do not abstain from anything and absolutely no yellow water, no keloid scars. Just keep the water out of the eyes for the first week, “said Dr. Mai.

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