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3 “golden” secrets to help your child conquer the exam season

Have a reasonable study plan and detailed timetable

With a large amount of knowledge and lessons, educational experts advise parents to “study with their children” by helping their children to systematize the knowledge by topic, group of lessons so that their children feel easy to remember and continue. more revenue.

Some suggestions for parents:

– List all necessary lessons and knowledge. Parents can use the table of contents of the textbook to know all the knowledge.

– Arrange related topics and knowledge together, in groups, in order from basic to advanced.

– Use mind-map to illustrate the connection of blocks of knowledge and help the lesson become more vivid.


Mind maps help children easily visualize and link groups of knowledge they have learned

Having a clear review timetable also helps students to review effectively. The closer to the exam, the children always tend to “study day and night”, that’s the way to learn immediately. Staying up too late only makes your body tired, your brain works too hard. , causing the opposite effect.The children not only do not absorb more knowledge but also affect their health.

You can help your child plan review and rest with a schedule that alternates between reviewing subjects and a reasonable time to relax and exercise. A scientific timetable will help the child’s body and brain recover and regenerate energy.


Good nutrition will ensure 80% of physical health

If proper exercise and rest ensure 20% of health, 80% of the body’s health comes from optimal nutrition. Nutritionists recommend that mothers apply a 4-3-2-1 diet combined with exercise to keep their children healthy in a comprehensive way, especially when children are preparing for exams.

Accordingly, 3 main meals with 4 groups of nutrients including: protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals, combined with 2 glasses of Dutch Lady fresh milk per day, the mother helped her child have enough energy. to conquer a huge amount of knowledge exercises. In each box of Dutch Lady fresh milk, there are essential nutrients of 7 different foods, moreover, the milk is balanced with sugar and salt to suit the health of Vietnamese children, helping them to have a good foundation. The best nutrition, ready to overcome all challenges in the upcoming exam.


In addition, experts also recommend that mothers encourage their children to spend 1 hour a day exercising or playing simple sports such as jogging, walking or skipping rope, both to help them strengthen their physical strength and for them to enjoy. relaxing time so that after returning to the study table, children will focus on absorbing knowledge better.

Give your child a safe and pure source of nutrition

In addition to providing adequate nutrients for children, parents also need to pay attention in choosing pure and safe fresh milk for children according to the principle of 4 nos: no pesticide residues, no antibiotic residues, no residues. chemical preservatives and colorless. In addition, thanks to the successful application of the “golden 20 minutes” principle, Dutch Lady ensures the freshness and purity of fresh milk. This is also the main factor creating the safety result that exceeds the standard 11 times of the Dutch Lady’s milk label.


During 25 years of accompanying and developing with many generations of Vietnamese children, Dutch Girl has constantly strived to bring fresh milk with a balanced composition of nutrients to be most suitable for Vietnamese children. A pioneer in cutting sugar and salt, Dutch Girl is always aware of the role and importance of natural, safe and pure fresh milk for children, especially when they are preparing to enter the world. end-of-year exam.

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