Thanh Long Bay becomes a hot check-in point in Binh Thuan, investors benefit early

Official tourism “Hub” named Thanh Long Bay

Tourists give priority to choosing destinations that have both resort accommodation and check-in points, unique and high-class travel experiences but are still inseparable from the chain of scenic monuments of Binh Thuan in sale. 30 minutes of travel. The variety and convenience have made this product line quickly show its great attraction, especially the middle and upper class customers who always aim for 5-star service and high quality.

Take, for example, the 90 ha Thanh Long Bay complex in Ke Ga, on the front of DT.719. In 2021, along with the opening event of a series of landscape utilities such as Moonlight roundabout, Starlight avenue, Ngan Ha bridge, welcome gate, landscape lotus pond,… this place has attracted attention. of visitors. However, when it comes to the opening of Hola Beach (2ha) on April 30 – the first subdivision to be operated, Thanh Long Bay really shines to become a “hub” for tourism in recent days. this.

Accordingly, Hola Beach not only provides accommodation services with the first 5-star camping model in the South, but also integrates a series of endless entertainment spots such as Beach Club, Beach House, Tree House, Glamping area and activities. entertainment activities, BBQ festivals, enjoy thrilling sea sports experiences, check-in freely with unique models such as towering towers or clusters of bamboo and rattan formations.

Thanh Long Bay becomes a hot check-in point in Binh Thuan, investors benefit early - Photo 2.
Thanh Long Bay becomes a hot check-in point in Binh Thuan, investors benefit early - Photo 3.

Countless unique check-in and vacation spots at Hola Beach

Hola Beach’s very high coverage speed helps Thanh Long Bay’s brand and identity spread stronger than ever, gradually affirming its position in the Binh Thuan tourism market. The proof is that 3 weeks before the holiday, all rooms in Hola Beach have been sold out, weekends for the two months of May – June are also not many rooms available.

Fertile ground

Deploying for more than 2 years, Thanh Long Bay has become a familiar name to real estate investors. However, in terms of tourism exploitation and operation capacity, because no subdivision has officially operated yet, the effectiveness has not been verified. Therefore, Hola Beach operates and has great success in both tourist attraction and accommodation exploitation.

In the future, with a series of other facilities put into operation simultaneously, it will attract millions more tourists and create a fever, turning Thanh Long Bay into the leading tourist hub in the region. While waiting for the whole area to come into operation, Hola Beach and the facilities that have already been operated are a solid bridge to promote the complex to help the complex become a brand destination that goes deep into the hearts of visitors, ensuring the maintenance. visitor flow is stable and growing continuously. It can be seen that, right now, previous and current investors benefit from Thanh Long Bay early because the project’s brand and position has been positioned in the hearts of tourists.

Because, this is the largest resort-entertainment-sports complex in Binh Thuan, possessing an invaluable advantage when embracing nearly 2km of Hon Lan Bay seafront – the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia. Following the world-famous “all-in-one” model, Thanh Long Bay owns up to 8 subdivisions and more than 1,000 5-star standard amenities that bring a multitude of experiences that NamGroup needs at least 7 days and nights to explore. break it all.

Thanh Long Bay becomes a hot check-in point in Binh Thuan, investors benefit early - Photo 4.

Thanh Long Bay multi-use complex

In addition to the operational areas, there are also regional and international macro-utilities such as the largest night-time economic zone in Binh Thuan, the square – where large-scale concerts and festivals are held, a marina full of marinas. capacity 150 units,… More unique, this is the pioneer international standard marine sports center in Vietnam. All rooms are guaranteed with high-class service and room capacity by famous global operating brands such as Wyndham (USA), Accor Hotels (France), H2O Sports Hawaii (USA).

At the end of this year, the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway and Phan Thiet airport will reach the destination together. In 2025, Long Thanh international airport will be open to receive international passengers. These are two very big milestones for Binh Thuan to boom in domestic tourists in 2023, optimize and welcome the full flow of international visitors from the 2025 milestone. To be ready for a strong acceleration, meet, hold, attract When tourists return in the new Olympics, only monumental, classy and novel models like Thanh Long Bay can help Binh Thuan create a competitive advantage, becoming a “hub” for domestic tourism and international.

Of course, when it is the center of check-in, attracting millions of tourists, the exploitation of accommodation, tourism services and increasing the value of Thanh Long Bay is indisputable. Especially in the context that real estate prices here are among the softest in the region, only 1/2 or even 1/5 compared to traditional destinations.

Urban resort – entertainment – sea sports Thanh Long Bay.

Developer: Nam Group Corporation.

Location: Ke Ga – Binh Thuan


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