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Japan imposes additional sanctions on Russia

Japanese enterprises operating in Russia also face many other difficulties such as disruption of logistics activities or additional investment capital. (Photo: THX/VNA)

Specifically, Japanese organizations and individuals who want to buy from 10% of shares in a Russian company or provide new loans to Russian businesses with a term of one year or more must seek permission from the government. The above regulation is equivalent to a ban on these activities.

Organizations and individuals in Japan are also prohibited from paying money to other Russian businesses and entities. Besides, the Japanese government also decided to freeze the assets of Sberbank – Russia’s largest financial institution and Alfa Bank – the largest private bank in Russia.

This will force Japanese businesses to look for new ways to pay if they want to continue doing business in Russia.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, in 2021 alone, Japanese businesses have invested 61.2 billion yen (about 470 million USD) in Russia.

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