Huong Giang broke up with Dinh Tu: Don’t drag Huyen Lizzie into it

Huong Giang continued to speak on the morning of May 14 after she confirmed her breakup with Dinh Tu.

On May 13, actress Huong Giang announced on her personal page the end of a relationship. Although not mentioned Dinh Tu But everyone understands that this is a confirmation of the rumors that the couple has broken up, which has surfaced in the world recently.

The actress confirmed to us about the actor Love the Sunny Day out of luck and declined to comment further.

Huong Giang broke up with Dinh Tu: Don't drag Huyen Lizzie into it-1Huong Giang’s status line received the share of many viewers. However, there are also many people who criticize the actress for choosing a too sensitive time when Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie are being concerned with a beautiful love story in the film. Love the Sunny Day.

In addition, Huong Giang’s supposedly unclear share made many people pay attention to Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie, turning the two actors into the center of criticism.

On the morning of May 14, Huong Giang continued to speak on her personal page: “Dear everyone, I have never mentioned nor confirmed that my love affair is related to a third person.

As mentioned, this is the story of two people, each of whom has chosen their own path, so they are no longer walking together. I hope everyone stops deducing, stops judging Dinh Tu, stops dragging Minh Huyen into this story.”

Recently, Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie have been loved by the audience as Duy – Trang in Love the Sunny Day. The two actors’ good on-screen chemistry as well as their diligent interaction on the personal pages of the two actors have sparked speculation that the two are fake love.

In a recent video posted on his own YouTube channel, Huyen Lizzie sharing about the kiss outside the script composed by Dinh Tu.

Huong Giang broke up with Dinh Tu: Don't drag Huyen Lizzie in-2

Huyen Lizzie is worried that she will be misunderstood when acting too well with Dinh Tu. When Huyen Lizzie said: “Sometimes the acting is so good that people can easily misunderstand.”

Dinh Tu continued: “That’s good, when the audience sees that the two characters love each other and have real feelings for each other, people will believe it. But now, when we act in love, we only act by outward actions, the audience is very smart, immediately recognized”.

Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie in the latest episode “Thuong The Sunny Day Returns”.

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