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Detecting traces of extinct “ghost people” in the Truong Son mountain range?-Travel

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

A treasure of paleontology has been found in Tam Ngu Hao 2 cave, located on the Lao side of the Truong Son mountain range: the tooth most likely belongs to Denisovans “ghost people”.

Denisovans belong to the same genus Homo as us Homo sapiens, which became extinct only a few tens of thousands of years ago and has left the blood of many Asians through intermarriage. But that’s all, there are traces of DNA but almost no remains, making them forever a “ghost ancestor” that paleoanthropology is trying to find.

Detect traces of "human ghost"  extinct in the Truong Son range?  - first

Panorama of the area with Tam Ngu Hao cave 2 – Photo: REUTERS

Only one finger bone was unearthed in 2008 in a Siberian cave – Russia, not matching any other human species ever found remains; along with a few traces from sediment in another cave in Tibet – China, are rare tangible evidences of Denisovans ghosts.

But according to Sicence Alert, the specimen just found in Tam Ngu Hao 2 cave in the Truong Son mountain range – the mountain range separating Vietnam and Laos – may be the most vivid and informative evidence of this ghost species. .

According to Reuters, the tooth belonged to a girl aged four to six years old, who lived between 164,000 and 131,000 years ago.

Detect traces of "human ghost"  extinct in the Truong Son range?  - 3

The ancient tooth could be a treasure of paleontology – Photo: REUTERS

The female was identified as belonging to the genus Human and has many similarities with the description of Denisovans that scientists had previously “reconstructed” from traces existing in hybrid offspring – hybrid individuals. Denisovans – Neanderthals (an archaic species of the genus Other) or modern humans themselves. One study estimates that up to a quarter of Asians carry some genetic traces from Denisovans.

Scientists also hypothesized that the tooth could be from Neanderthals, but some differences have proved that it is not, the possibility that it belongs to the Denisovans ghost species is still highest, almost certain.

“This discovery further demonstrates that Southeast Asia was a hotspot for species diversity of the genus Homo from the Middle to Late Pleistocene: Homo erectus, Denisovans, Neanderthals, Homo floresiensis, Homo luzonensis and Homo sapiens” – the authors written in the publication.

The work was carried out by a research team from the Center for Geography of the Lundbeck Foundation, the Globe Institute, the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the National Museum of Natural History, CNRS, the University of Paris, the Museum of Man. 17 place du Trocadéro (France), just published in Nature Communications.

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