Buddha taught men 4 things to become an ideal husband

If you want a happy and peaceful marriage, and want to become a husband that every wife is willing to sacrifice and serve for the rest of her life, remember the 5 things Buddha taught.

Husband must respect and love his wife

Buddha taught: Couple must love and respect each other, especially the husband. In the past, society had always thought of respecting men and disrespecting women, women in the family rarely had the right to speak out, but were held and directed by men.

So men don’t just love and pamper women when they’re in love. And when you marry her and become a wife, you also have to fulfill the responsibilities of a husband. Make her happy, make her not regret for giving herself to me.

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Husband must know how to beautify his wife, buy jewelry suitable for family circumstances

Buddha said that the wife is the flower in the house, the prosperity that makes the family prosper. Family prosperity or decline depends on the feng shui of the woman. So if a man knows how to take care of, beautify, and make his woman happy, she will surely bring good things to the family.

There are many husbands who, when in love, buy all kinds of things for the person they love, and when they get married, they can’t remember any holiday for their wife. Men like that are stupid. No one forces you to buy expensive gifts, as long as you have a heart and sincerity, no wife can blame you.

Husband should hand over finances to his wife to manage

Married, two people who were once strangers became each other’s family because of predestined relationships. As a family, the spending should not be kept by anyone, who spends his or her own.

That is not like family, and it is easy to create troubles. Because one of these issues is easy to cause conflicts in the family, especially the unclear finances.

Husband and wife must definitely agree to have a common source of funds and clear spending. And the husband should give his wife the finances for her to take care of and manage.

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Going out, men must stay away from unscrupulous women

Buddha taught: There will always be unrighteous women who want to rob other people’s husbands or husbands. Men going out have a habit of flirting, teasing flowers, and not knowing how to keep themselves away from such people who are easily seduced, causing the family to fall apart.

So when going out, men see women flirting, intending to seduce them, they must stay as far away as possible. I have to be brave, to be righteous to keep my family happy, to make my woman feel secure.

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