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MC Van Hugo gave birth to a baby

After many days of waiting, the evening of May 23 on Facebook Van Hugo confirmed to have given birth to a daughter with the intimate name Vung for her businessman husband after more than 3 years of love. Van Hugo happily shared: “So the parents had their first date with the emotional baby Sesame. Mom named the baby Sesame to remind her that the door of love will open when we sow the seeds. benevolent”.

Not only that, MC Van Hugo also shared his feelings about the first day of receiving the second pregnancy result: “Knowing that having a baby is the best 37-year-old birthday gift that mom will never forget. That moment. , I trembled, my emotions just burst because it was so unexpected. I am grateful to the magical universe for bringing you to my parents, making my dream of having a daughter come true. The little god allowed her to experience divine happiness once more, making a mother who was always strong and strong to become more feminine and soft.

MC Van Hugo gave birth to a baby - Photo 2.

Van Hugo gave birth to a daughter named Vung for his businessman husband

Notably, Van Hugo also did not forget to mention her businessman husband: “Thank you for always loving and taking care of me from the little things in my weakest and worst days”. The moment when the happy and happy couple welcomed a new member was also shared by Van Hugo. Below the comment section, many colleagues and friends have left congratulatory messages for the female MC.

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The moment the happy couple welcomes a new family member

MC Van Hugo gave birth to a baby - Photo 4.
MC Van Hugo gave birth to a baby - Photo 5.

MC Van Hugo’s visual after giving birth to the second child also surprised people because it was so radiant and beautiful

Van Hugo was proposed by a businessman boyfriend in June 2020 on a beach. Currently, the female MC and her son have moved to Ho Chi Minh City to live. The super spacious and modern house of Van Hugo’s mother and daughter living is a gift from her future husband. Van Hugo’s boyfriend also has a very close and good relationship with her own son.

MC Van Hugo gives birth to a baby - Photo 6.

Before sharing a house with her businessman husband, Van Hugo had a baby boy named Bin. She has a close relationship with her stepfather

MC Van Hugo gave birth to a baby - Photo 7.

Van Hugo is happy next to her businessman boyfriend. After more than 3 years of dating, the couple welcomed a daughter named Vung

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