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A 22-year-old patient with a heart attack in Thanh Hoa was successfully operated on

Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital has just successfully operated, saving the patient’s life with a severed artery, torn lung parenchyma and perforated right heart.

Mr. Nguyen To Hoang, Deputy Head of Neurosurgery – Thoracic Department (Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital) said, around 5 pm, on May 24, the hospital received a male patient, Mr. VHA (22 years old) at the hospital. The hospital was in the state of having a wound on the right chest 3cm long due to stabbing, blood loss shock, rapid pulse …

Realizing that the wound was very life-threatening, the crew immediately performed emergency surgery.

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Patient D. was saved in time

According to Dr. Hoang, the prognosis for this is a case with a complicated wound and a high risk of death, so the team quickly opened the sternum to access the damaged area, treated the right ventricular perforation wound, and lied the artery. Right inner breast to stop bleeding, to restore right lung parenchyma.

“Due to the complicated arterial wound, large heart damage, so the patient lost a lot of blood, during the operation, the doctors had to transfuse 5 units of blood to the patient. After about 2 hours of emergency surgery, the operation was successful. Currently, the patient’s health is progressing quite well, the vital signs are within normal limits, “said Doctor Hoang.

According to Dr. Hoang, for the above case, this is a miracle in the emergency department, because the patient has complicated injuries, only a small mistake can cause the patient to die on the spot.

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