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10 extremely hot products “on the floor”, the race to the top position is more intense than ever

In the final episode of KOC VIETNAM 2022, 5 contestants went through the final math problem to find the owner of the prize up to 1 billion VND. With the theme “It’s me. It’s me”, the challenge of the top 5 is to review products with the help of 3 mentors: Hai Trieu – BB Tran – Ngoc Phuoc.The main task is that the contestants have to introduce 2 products in the same video. , including 1 self-selected product and 1 random product.

With the companionship of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform Lazada, Samsung and Hanoia helped the top 5 have more prestigious and quality products to successfully complete their exams. Everyone is very close to the championship, so be sure to watch the final episode to find out which KOC will take the top spot at the first season of KOC VIETNAM. And more importantly, don’t miss the 10 special products included in the final battle because lots of great deals and offers are waiting for you to close your order!

1. Lazada App

Needless to say, Lazada is the leading famous trading platform in Southeast Asia and also an ideal shopping place. Not stopping there, this e-commerce platform also offers a great experience for those who need to trade/advertise products thanks to the livestream platform on LazLive. As a customer of Lazada, you will receive countless accumulated vouchers and great sale deals, free to buy good quality products at affordable prices. Want to shop online, experience the feeling of super fast delivery. In the near future, Lazada will continue to explode with the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Sale to Come” taking place from June 6 to June 10 with a series of deals up to 50% off, 800k accumulated vouchers and 0VND freeship nationwide. . Don’t want to download the Lazada app to shop right away.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Lazada app

2. Mask Set MOI

Pure avocado mask is extracted from pure avocado, 1 set includes 3 types with different uses: brightening – moisturizing – rejuvenating. The ingredients in the product will provide the necessary nutrients and bring back the smooth, shiny skin.

Call Me Duy has dry skin, so he prefers to choose the Moisturizing line, so you just need to understand your skin condition to choose the right mask and you will see the effect immediately after the first use.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – avocado mask set

3. Adidas empty bag

If you are looking for a bag that can “carry the whole world” while still being stylish, you should not miss a fine item from the famous Adidas brand. With a cylindrical design and convenient side handles, you can easily carry / carry the bag without heavy hand or shoulder pain. This baby is very suitable for use during travel and picnics, or you can use it as a gym/sports bag that is also extremely stable. Especially when ordering on Lazada on the occasion of the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Sale to come”, you also have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives with the nationwide freeship program of 0 VND.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Adidas drum bag

4. Ckeyin curling iron

With a cordless design, the Ckeyin curling iron is really the perfect choice for women because it is compact and convenient, can be taken anywhere. Rechargeable battery used for 40 minutes continuously is a huge plus, in addition, the top of the screen also displays full parameters such as rotation direction, temperature, .. so it is easy to use. It’s a pity that a great product like this isn’t in your closet, so hurry up and go to Lazada to drop your basket, save it for the 6.6 Shopping Festival and close your order at a super bargain price.

Finals of KOC VIETNAM 2022: 10 extremely hot products

Pu meter 7 and the help of the Sovereign Lord

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Hair curling machine

5. Hanoia manual coffee maker

Set of products with the very cute name “PARROT-DISE”. Includes 1 coffee maker and 1 hand coffee grinder.

Not only is it easy to create delicious, irresistible cups of coffee, but the product set also acts as an impressive decor for any living and working space, thanks to its youthful and modern design but also not the best. less refined, luxurious. If you are an art lover, like to enjoy beauty, you cannot ignore the unique and quality item only available at Hanoia.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Coffee maker

6. Lock&Lock thermos flask

The 897ml large capacity thermos flask is made of stainless steel, which is both lightweight and durable. The lid has a convenient handle, so it is very suitable for those who are passionate about outdoor activities. In particular, this baby has an outstanding ability to retain heat, which is definitely a treasure that everyone should buy. Go to Lazada now to buy genuine products with great deals!

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Average Thermostats

7. Divoom . Smart Speaker

The speaker is designed in a classic and modern computer shape, integrated with a 256 Full RG LED screen that will bring you extremely realistic and quality sounds. In addition, the small and beautiful shape is very suitable as a decoration of the room, helping to decorate the living space more interesting and luxurious. If you like this girl so much, go to Lazada to hunt, because the 6.6 Shopping Festival is about to take place with a great deal waiting for you.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Divoom smart speaker

8. Minh Long nourishing porcelain pot

With the Minh Long health pot, you do not need to add water when steaming food. Because the pot is made from precious earth materials, it is capable of cooking food with infrared rays. Food is guaranteed to be evenly cooked, deeply cooked, extremely fresh and retains the necessary vitamins to supplement nutrition for the body.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Minh Long porcelain pot

9. Love Dear Essential Oil Scented Candle

Extracted from natural essential oils imported in Europe, Love Dear scented candles not only bring a delicate aroma experience but also help relax the mind and spirit. With 2 special scent versions will bring a pleasant, ethereal atmosphere to your room. After a tiring day of work but breathing in the clear scent with warm sweetness, nothing is more relaxing.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – scented candles

10. Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a super smooth smart touch version, comfortable video / image editing, so it is too suitable for girls who like to “live virtual”. One of the plus points of the Galaxy A53 is its extremely durable battery, so you can rest assured to use it for 48 hours without needing to charge it. In particular, the 5G connection technology of the A53 series also brings great experiences with amazing streaming speeds. The RAM PLUS feature allows you to do more when you can open multiple applications at the same time, importantly, without worrying about the screen jerking, lag. Too many outstanding advantages of Galaxy A53 5G are waiting for you to discover, consult now!

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Samsung phones

Not only these 10 products, the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Sale to Come” on Lazada also has millions of bargain deals with up to 50% off, plus 6 types of vouchers at the same time with accumulated vouchers up to 800k with the same privileges. offer freeship 0 VND nationwide. In particular, a series of shopping activities combined with entertainment to wait for the 6.6 Shopping Festival started today such as LazGames Gétgo, the irresistible LazLive series and especially the Lazada Supershow Music Festival. was back offline at Nguyen Du Gymnasium, HCMC with the top Vpop stars in Vietnam. What are you waiting for, don’t go to Lazada to hunt for sale right away here!

Program KOC VIETNAM 2022 Invested and implemented by VCCorp and co-organizer LAZADA Vietnam, officially released on Kenh14 and multi-platform communication system, media consulting and sponsorship by Admicro, and companion Samsung Galaxy A – The exclusive sponsor of the mobile phone industry and ACCESSTRADE Vietnam is a competition to find, train and support the first generation of professional KOCs appearing in Vietnam.

Along with the companionship of famous brands, KOC VIETNAM 2022 promises to create an influential generation, affirming the creativity and enthusiasm of Vietnamese youth.

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