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Is it okay to ejaculate multiple times a day?

Ejaculating too many times a day can make men tired, cause physiological disorders, and reduce sperm quality and quantity.

Ejaculation is the process by which semen is released from the genitals of a man during orgasm or high sexual excitement. This is a natural phenomenon in men but needs to be done at a stable frequency to avoid affecting physiological health as well as fertility.

Ejaculation is understood as during sex, the amount of semen ejaculated in one time is too much or having sex and ejaculating many times a day (or night). A man is capable of ejaculating each time 2-5 ml of semen (average about a teaspoon). There are about 15-200 million sperm in each ml of normal semen.

According to urologists, the average frequency of sex between couples of different ages is different. Specifically as follows: couples in their 20s and 30s have an average frequency of about 3 times per week; 30-50 year old couples have sex about 2 times per week; Couples aged 50 and over, the level of relationship plummeted to only 1-2 times per month.

Thus, if the amount of semen being ejaculated each time is more than 6 ml or the frequency of intercourse is more than the above average figures, it is considered as excessive ejaculation.

Men ejaculate about 7,200 times in their lifetime.  Photo: Shutterstock

Men ejaculate about 7,200 times in their lifetime. Image: Shutterstock

The frequency of intercourse depends on the needs of each person. There are people who are stronger, the needs are higher than average and vice versa. In addition, according to research by scientists, the ideal time for each love to both “climax” as well as achieve orgasm is 7-15 minutes. After finishing the first sex, about 15-30 minutes later, men can regain their strength to get a second erection, especially young people. For couples who have high needs or want to have children, need to increase the ability to conceive by having sex many times in a row, it is best for the second “love” to be 1-3 hours apart from the first.

Ejaculation often consumes a lot of energy, so after ejaculating, men feel tired and often just want to fall asleep. If you ejaculate often or too many times over a long period of time, your health can be affected in many ways.

Normally, each ejaculation contains at least 40 million sperm. If you ejaculate too many times, it will make the quality and quantity of the “sperm” weaker, reduce fertility, and easily cause infertility. Excessive ejaculation also causes male physiological disorders because the frequency of ejaculation causes men to begin to reduce pleasure, prone to premature ejaculation.

According to male experts, too much ejaculation can also lead to weight loss in men. Ejaculating many times in a certain period of time makes the body always tired, mentally uncomfortable. The fact that the private areas are rubbed together and have to work “at full capacity” will increase the risk of private diseases such as orchitis, blood in the ejaculate, etc., which seriously affect future fertility problems.

How to maintain male form

Couples should adjust the frequency of intercourse appropriately to ensure that both are satisfied, mentally comfortable.  Photo: Shutterstock

Couples should adjust the frequency of sex accordingly to ensure both are comfortable. Image: Shutterstock

The researchers said that each time a man ejaculates, the male body consumes 5mg of zinc, equivalent to ½ of the amount of zinc the body absorbs in 1 day. Excessive ejaculation can lead to zinc deficiency leading to decreased sperm quantity, quality and frequency of sex.

Therefore, according to MSc CKI Nguyen Duc Nhuan, Department of Examination – Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi, men need to supplement zinc as well as amino acids for the body to regenerate physiological energy as well as overall health. Dear. Ocean oysters are known to be a food with many positive effects on men’s health. Oysters contain high levels of zinc and precious amino acids that help stimulate the body to increase the production of natural testosterone, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of sperm, increasing sperm mobility and endurance. Better sperm helps men stay full and energetic.

Along with that, Eurycoma Longifolia essence and French sea pine extract combined with L-Arginine have the effect of promoting vascular endothelial cells to increase endogenous Nitric Oxide synthesis activity, helping to enhance physiological strength, improve Improve erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, maintain male form effectively and safely.

MSc.BSCKI Nguyen Duc Nhuan said: The frequency of sexual intercourse depends on many factors such as age, health, objective conditions (work, convenient time, children), degree of harmony with others. partner… If these conditions are favorable, men can have sex 2 times in a row in one night or more. Couples should skillfully adjust the frequency of intercourse in accordance with each age group to ensure that after each love affair, both of them feel satisfied, mentally comfortable and happy, without affecting their daily life and work productivity. .

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