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Prosecution of the case of ‘flickering’ in the Central Psychiatric Hospital 1

The Hanoi People’s Procuracy has just completed the indictment against 10 defendants in the “flying” case at the Central Psychiatric Hospital 1.

The defendants Nguyen Xuan Quy, Nguyen Van Ngoc, Nguyen Trung Nguyen, Nguyen Cong Thuong, Le Hoang Hai and Bui Chi Hai were prosecuted for the crime of illegal possession of narcotics, illegal trading of narcotics and organization of use. illegal drug use.

The group of staff of the Central Mental Hospital 1 being prosecuted included the accused Do Thi Luu (Head of the Department of Rehabilitation and Traditional Medicine) who was charged with abusing positions and powers while on official duty;

Nguyen Minh Hue and Bui Thi Ha (nurses and assistants of the Department of Rehabilitation and Traditional Medicine) were charged with the crime of organizing illegal drug use;

Nguyen Anh Vu (technician of the Department of Rehabilitation and Traditional Medicine) was prosecuted for harboring illegal drug use.

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Central Psychiatric Hospital I

According to the indictment, Quy is subject to compulsory medical treatment according to the decision of the People’s Procuracy of Thanh Tri district.

During the treatment at the Central Psychiatric Hospital 1, in order to have money for personal consumption and drug use, Quy committed illegal drug trade at the hospital.

When the Department of Rehabilitation and Traditional Medicine was moved to a new building, Quy arbitrarily renovated the patient’s room into 3 small rooms, of which 1 room inside was arranged with a sound and light system, Flashlights, laser lights, for drug dealing and illegal drug use.

Quy bought drugs from a man in Nghe An and then hid them on the ceiling of the treatment room to sell to customers for purchase and personal use.

He brought his friends from outside to the hospital to organize “drug parties” many times right in the ward, including some staff members of the department who were also allowed to use drugs by Quy.

Here, Quy hires people to stay in the same room to serve his personal needs and retail drugs for him. The procuratorate determined that Quy and his accomplices organized 3 drug “party” at the hospital.

Quy said that when the hospital room was renovated, the Dean of the Department Do Thi Luu and the head nurse Ta Thi Them knew and reminded and asked Quy to dismantle it, but he did not comply.

Every month, he pays Dr. Luu from 6-10 million dong for the hospital room so that he can freely bring strangers and friends into the ward without being reminded.

In addition, Quy said, because Dean Luu also threatened to comment on his good health so that he would have to return the sentence and not be treated at the department.

During the investigation, Ms. Liu did not admit to collecting money or directing the collection of money from the patient’s family. The fourth quarter congratulated the faculty with a total amount of 8.5 million VND.

Regarding Quy’s self-renovation of the ward, Ms. Luu said she had heard feedback from the Faculty’s staff, so there were reminders and requests for dismantling, but Quy did not do so.

Although Ms. Luu did not admit to the crime, the Procuratorate said that due to self-interest and other personal motives, the accused did not forcefully request dismantling and did not report to the hospital’s Board of Directors, leading to Quy’s death. Intentionally bringing strangers into the ward, using the ward for trading, organizing the illegal use of drugs, affecting the reputation of the hospital, causing people’s distrust in the medical industry in general and the medical staff. medical staff in particular.


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