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Divorced from his wife because he was given instant noodles all day

Newspaper The New Indian Express On June 6, Judge ML Raghunath recounted the rare incident at a press conference at the court of Mysore City, southwestern India.

Mr. Raghunath called this case the “Maggi case”, named after a brand of instant noodles (also known as instant noodles in Vietnamese language) in India. The identity of the couple has not been released.

According to Mr. Raghunath, the husband said that his wife bought Maggi instant noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner since they got married. Unable to bear it, he filed an application to the court. In the end, the two agreed to “go their separate ways”.

India’s Special Marriage Act 1954 stipulates that in order to get a divorce, husband and wife must live separately for at least 1 year and mutually agree to divorce.

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A study by the International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences in 2018 found that the divorce rate in India is around 11%. In the same study, the US recorded a divorce rate of 50%.

However, Mr. Raghunath said divorce in India has increased sharply over the years. They occur more commonly in urban than rural areas.

“In rural areas, village heads intervene and solve problems. Women have no independence and are bound by society and family affections. But in urban areas, women are educated and independent. financial,” explained Mr. Raghunath.

Prof. Shubhada Maitra, Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, told the newspaper The Hindustan Times in 2021: “Increasing expectations are one of the drivers of divorces in India. Women in India are becoming more career-oriented, but many men still expect their wives. fulfill the traditional role”.

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