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Motorcycles fight against cars on the village road

ChinaThe car driver honked his horn before the bend on the narrow village road, but the motorbike came straight after the corner.

Motorcycles fight against cars on the village road

Traffic situation: On a village road with a width that only allows one car to pass, the driver honks his horn when he is about to turn to the left. However, the car still runs at a speed of more than 30 km / h.

Immediately after, a motorbike sped up from the opposite direction and hit the car head-on. The motorcyclist fell upside down. The victim then stood up, but the hand covering his face appeared to be in pain.

Skills to remember: When driving on village roads, or when running into small alleys, where there are often narrow spaces, obscured visibility, vehicles need to move at a slow speed. Drivers pay attention to observe and keep a reasonable speed to actively handle unexpected situations such as motorcycles crossing their heads, pedestrians, children running out of the house or avoiding vehicles going in the opposite direction. The driver should also only apply very little throttle and always be ready in the position of the brake pedal to promptly handle.

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