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Harassing ex-girlfriend by revealing address to more than 30 strangers

Chinese police have arrested a man accused of carrying out a 10-day online campaign against his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in two strangers showing up at her door at 3am.

The woman, surnamed Li, called the police on May 26 about someone ringing her doorbell early in the morning. She thinks this is a prank by her ex-boyfriend Chen.

Harassing ex-girlfriend by revealing the address to more than 30 strangers - Photo 1.

Go online to reveal the address of an ex-girlfriend to more than 30 men as an excuse to resume old love. (Photo: SCMP)

Police officers found two men standing outside Ms. Li’s door and took them to the police station for questioning. The two said they learned the home address from Ms. Li’s information on an online application. But Ms. Li insisted she was not the one to give out her home address, according to Thepaper.cn.

At this time, Ms. Li suspected that her ex-boyfriend was the mastermind behind the appearance of 2 men at her door early in the morning, so the girl asked the police to investigate Chen.

When police questioned Chen the next day, he said, “I pretended to be Li on an app and also revealed Li’s personal information to the men who were talking to me. Over 10 days, I sent out invitations to 37 men to hang out and date. My goal was to get Li to call me for help when I felt like I was in danger.”

Police arrested Chen for allegedly using fake information to smear others.

For her part, Ms. Li said she was mentally tortured when she had to receive many calls from strangers over the course of several days, which was caused by Chen making her phone number public on the internet. .

Chen’s shameful action caused many people to leave strong criticism such as “What if someone harms the girl? He’s a terrible ex-boyfriend!”

Another said that she was a mother, so when she read the story, she couldn’t help but worry, “This story scared me. My daughter is only 4 years old, but I already feel scared when I think about her future boyfriend. How will she deal with that kind of person?”

According to a law enacted by China in 2021, those who defame, threaten or seek revenge against others can be arrested for up to 15 days. Another Chinese law also stipulates that those who intentionally injure others can receive up to three years in prison.

In February this year, a court in southwestern China issued a sentence of 15 days in prison and a 1,000 yuan ($150) fine for the male defendant for assaulting his girlfriend. ex, although she had previously applied to the court for a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

Or like in 2021, police in southern China also launched an investigation into the case of a man stalking his ex-girlfriend, and even threatening the girl’s family by sending funeral wreaths to her home. .

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