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Live Results U.23 Saudi Arabia vs U.23 UAE, Asian finals: ‘Green Falcons’ top of the table?

The ‘Green Falcons’ – the nickname of U.23 Saudi Arabia only need 1 draw against U.23 UAE in the last round of Group D at 8pm tonight 9.6 to get tickets to the quarterfinals of U.23 Asia for the second time. 2 in a row.


With the result if draw first U.23 UAE, U.23 Saudi Arabia also don’t care about the outcome of the remaining match between U.23 Japan meeting U.23 Tajikistan takes place at the same time.

U.23 Saudi Arabia wants to secure the top spot of Group D against U.23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals instead of U.23 Korea


However, according to coach Saad Al Shehri: “Saudi Arabia U.23 must keep its position to find a greater opportunity in the quarterfinals (the first and second opponents in Group C have been determined to meet with U. .23 South Korea topped the table and U.23 Vietnam to second.) We are aiming for the top of the table, hopefully the players will recover well and find a win against the UAE.”

The Saudi Arabia U.23 team started Group D impressively with a crisp 5-0 victory over Tajikistan, but the next match they let Japan U.23 (with the majority of U.21) players draw 0 -0. This result makes the “Green Falcons” unlikely to enter the quarterfinals, and needs at least 1 more point to secure from the match against UAE U.23.

Besides, drawing with Japan U.23 (only meeting with Tajikistan was eliminated in the last round) also caused U.23 Saudi Arabia to be competing for the top position. Therefore, in order to ensure the desired place to continue and the first place after knowing that the opponent promised to meet in the quarterfinals will be U.23 Vietnam (second place in Group C), U.23 Saudi Arabia is losing. determined to beat the UAE U.23 to gain the right to self-determination as well as to eliminate this same regional opponent from the Asian U.23 game right in the group stage.

However, this intention will obviously not be easy because U.23 UAE, after losing to Japan U.23 1-2 matches, has found a chance with a 2-0 victory over Tajikistan, so it will also focus on fighting. “one to one” with U.23 Saudi Arabia and need to win will get the ticket to continue.

The worrying point of the current UAE U.23, according to coach Denis Silva, revealed: “There are some of my players with flu and stomach pain from the match with Tajikistan. Hopefully they will recover soon, and I will have the best squad on the pitch. If there are enough human resources, I am sure UAE U.23 will play with more than 100% ability to beat Saudi Arabia U.23 and get tickets to go on.”

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