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Vietnamese singing ability comes first!

Kim Sejeong is the name that received a lot of attention from fans when taking the lead role of the film Business proposal. Before rising to fame as an actress, Kim Sejeong was a prominent member of the K-pop girl group gugudan. He has a strong and powerful voice and keeps the high notes in the song.

The female lead Dating in Cong So performs Son Tung's hit M-TP: Top Vocal, but singing skills in Vietnamese comes first!  - Photo 1.

Sejeong became famous as the female lead in Office Dating

Vocal skills are unquestionable, but Sejeong recently surprised netizens with her ability to sing in Vietnamese. In particular, netizens shared a short clip exploring the moment Sejeong sang the song “Where You Can Be” by M-TP’s Son Tung in Vietnamese at an exchange event that took place in Vietnam in 2017.

Kim Sejeong sings in Vietnamese the song Where You Can Be by Son Tung M-TP

Sejeong sings the chorus with very clear lyrics, which makes people constantly praise:

– Sejeong sings Vietnamese music well, but also good.

– I didn’t say anything until the part where Sejeong sings.

– Did Sejeong learn Vietnamese, sing well.

– I’ve heard of it, but now I know it’s Sejeong.

– Get ready to be a Vietnamese daughter-in-law.

– Sejeong sings Vietnamese properly.

– Vietnamese singing is better than Hari Won.

– The feeling that Koreans sing Vietnamese sounds very attractive.

Sejeong made a very clear impression with the chorus of the song “This Place With You” even though it was sung in Vietnamese

Full gugudan cover with the song Where Are You With Children by Son Tung M-TP

Source, clip: YT moi-la-diem-nhan-20220313183940817.chn

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