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Nguyet Golf answers all questions about the golf industry to make money

Golf is without a doubt one of the hottest keywords lately. Even if it has nothing to do with dramas, scandals or the like, this subject that is often associated with the adjective “aristocratic” is attractive enough to attract more and more people – especially young girls who are greedy. family already.

However, the more detailed information about the playing trend, the cost to spend as well as the good – the downside of playing golf… not everyone knows.

If you are also embracing related questions, today, let Nguyet Golf – a TikToker with more than 70k followers and 1.7 million hearts, specializing in producing videos with golf content to answer.

Female TikToker specializing in golf answers the question of whether girls go to the field just to hunt giants - Photo 1.

Nguyet Golf owns a TikTok channel of the same name with 70k followers specializing in producing informative videos about golf

It is known that Nguyet Golf’s real name is Nguyen Thi Nguyet, born in 1998. Nguyet started playing golf 2 years ago, when she was in her final year of Foreign Trade University and is now trading in products related to this subject. That’s why she is quite knowledgeable about golf and can provide them from a very new perspective.

More and more people are looking to golf, the reason is…

Capital Golf is a sport with high difficulty, challenging and requires players to be precise, meticulous as well as to be able to handle situations well. The principle of golf is to use many types of clubs to hit the ball into a small hole on the golf course so that the number of hits is as small as possible.

In Vietnam, golf began to be introduced in the 90s and became a luxury sport. But so far, golf is no longer just for the elite but gradually becomes “massive”, more popular. Even young girls who were afraid of being exposed to the sun and wind on the golf course have begun to learn about this hobby.

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More and more people are looking to golf, especially young girls

According to Nguyet Golf, in fact, playing golf can bring a lot of benefits. The biggest of which must be mentioned health benefits such as stress reduction, concentration training, accuracy, body shaping…

Besides, playing golf is also a very good way to expand relationships. Having a fateful life on the golf course, signing a contract at the golf course, getting to know a partner on the golf course… are a few common examples. All in all, participating in the “nobility” sport can provide a wealth of social networking opportunities.

Still know that playing golf is very expensive, but what exactly does it cost?

Even non-golfers know this is a pretty expensive sport. Nguyet Golf also agrees with this idea.

“Because it is a high-class sport, to participate in golf, players will also have to spend a lot of money, challenging the wallets of many women.”Nguyet Golf shared.

She did not forget to list each item in detail as follows:

– The first is that the money on the field falls about 1.5 – 4 million, the average falls about more than 2 million.

– The second is a tip for the caddy about 500k.

– The third is about 500k for food and drink.

Thus, each time on the field, the average cost must be from 3-5 million …

However, female TikToker also pointed out that there are many training grounds with cheaper prices ranging from 300k – 500k. With these training grounds, golfers only lose 100k – 200k/100 balls, along with food and drink costs of about 100k.

Female TikToker who specializes in golf answers the question of whether girls are on the field just to hunt giants - Photo 3.

If you want to play golf, you have to pay for it, this is for sure

Regarding the cost of school and golf equipment, this girl also said: “An average golf course costs about 15 million for 10 sessions. As for the cost of buying clubs, if you’re new to practice, I recommend you buy a set of old clubs first, an average set of old clubs is about 30 million. Other expenses such as shoes, accessories, clothes, balls… are at least about 10-15 million more. In total, the total cost for us to practice golf is about 60 million VND.”

“Girls go to the golf course only 20% is passion, the rest is to hunt giants”, true or false?

Nguyet Golf confirms the trend girls go to golf higher and higher. Song Of course, the story of going to the golf course to find a rich husband is still very controversial because if there is, sometimes it is only a very small part. She thinks that this problem cannot be attributed to all because many of the “pink balls” present on the golf course are in fact successful women, and they do not need any giants. .

According to Nguyet Golf, playing golf is also a way to make money: “WOMENPeople say get rich because you and golf help you have a relationship. These relationships lead to further results such as consulting, experience, marketing, business connections, even employment. This is what makes money. In the South, there is even an unwritten sentence that says: KDon’t play golf, don’t talk business.”

Of course, playing golf still has sufferings that if you don’t experience it, you will not be able to feel it. Those are the times when the player has to overcome all obstacles such as: water traps, sand, cliffs, deep crevices, dense forests or thick grass, big sun, strong winds, thunderstorms, cold winds, etc.

Female TikToker specializing in golf answers the question of whether girls are on the field just to hunt giants - Photo 4.

According to Nguyet Golf, the rate of playing golf to “hunt” the giants is still there but not significant

In addition, they also have to face psychological barriers that are always heavy because they have to overcome fear, overcome the prejudices imposed by outsiders on golf and golfers… However, if they are players, True golf, those sufferings will only make them more passionate about this sport.

“Although there are many conflicting opinions surrounding the real purpose of many people looking to golf, it is undeniable that the practical benefits it brings. Do not believe that girls just dare to try with golf. this sport”she messaged.

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