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Where is the way for “witnesses” to collect rice because of “earth stock” in the current information turbulent market?

Concept from the time of grandparents and parents, “an inch of land is an inch of gold”. Surely one of us has at least once heard that “there is an eternally rich land”. Not to mention, if it is real estate in the inner city in big cities, it can be “full” for the lives of their children and grandchildren. Moreover, real estate advices such as “Real estate always increases in price”, “Patiently wait for the opportunity to come”… even in every post you can see it, as a sure affirmation. Noodles from the “experts” for the guarantee of the soil.

On the other hand, because Land prices are always increasingso it’s very difficult for a person with an average income have sufficient capital to invest in this form. Therefore, people put their expectations on “earth ancient”. Instead of buying land, witnesses “collect rice” to buy shares of real estate corporations. Hopefully it will always grow like how the old town real estate increases year by year.

Where is the path for the doctor to collect rice because of the ancient land in the current information turbulent market?  - Photo 1.

With those bases, it will not be difficult to see comments or opinions on social networks about a record price increase in the line of “land” stocks in 2022. But from the end of 2021 until now, financial reports The main results of many real estate businesses have proven the opposite: declining profits, many projects are just on the drawing board… Many units have issued corporate bonds with commitments of interest rates up to nearly 20 % of which more than half are unsecured or only partially secured by stocks (according to SSI Research).

Not to mention, every time the market is “red on fire”, real estate stocks are also “on the floor” first. That makes many investors confused and bewildered when trading, leading to unnecessary losses. Too much information sometimes backfires, not leading to clearer vision, but also making investors seem lost in the fog.

Therefore, “Secret Money” No. 15 will air a topic that closely follows the “Real Estate” industry’s fevered developments. Host Duong Ngoc Trinh, expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr. X30) – Deputy Director of Center for Investment Analysis and Consulting SSI Securities (SSI Research) and Editor-in-Chief Hoang Nam with the presence of a special guest: Ms. Nguyen Xuan Quynh, Investment Director of SSI Fund Management Company, will analyze the risks that need to be clarified when investing. Investing in real estate is at the same time exploiting the hidden reasons behind some of the upswings of the land, as well as giving the audience a little-known secret about the actual assets of those businesses by source. reliable data.

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