Raising Koi fish, young people in the mountain town make billions of money every year

Talking about starting a business, Pham The Hung, from Cu Ne commune, Krong Buk district, said, after graduating from high school in 2015, instead of going to university, he chose to learn a motorcycle repair trade and then return to open a shop at home. Having a special interest in Japanese Koi fish, in my spare time, I often go online to learn about fish farming, then risk selling my motorbike to buy fingerlings to raise. Due to lack of experience, the first 2 batches of fish died.

Undeterred, Hung went to fish farming facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai… to learn practical experience. Having the necessary knowledge, he quit his job as a car repairman and persuaded his parents to borrow 120 million VND from a bank to invest in a Koi fish tank system. This time, heaven did not let people down, the fishes grew well and reproduced evenly.

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Currently, a young man in the mountain town Pham The Hung can earn from 50-100 million VND from Koi fish every month.

Mr. Pham The Hung said, in order to raise Koi successfully, the key is to have a clean water environment, a high place to place the tank and a space for the wind to blow through; especially to prevent fungal diseases on fish. After a few years of starting a business, he now has 3 fish farms of 12,000 m2 in the provinces of Dak Lak, Kon Tum and Lam Dong.

“Currently, I regularly export from 5 quintals to 1 ton of fish every month, except for investment expenses, I still have a profit of about 50-100 million VND/month. It is expected that in the near future, I will do more yard design. garden, Koi fish tank with miniatures, make a Koi fish cafe for guests to visit, and if you order, do it to increase profits. Construction of aquarium and garden projects” – Mr. Pham The Hung To share.

From his success, Pham The Hung not only creates jobs for local youths, but is ready to guide and help young people who want to follow him.

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Pham The Hung’s successful Koi farming startup model has been an inspiration for local youth to actively start a business.

“Working with Mr. Hung, he will pay 4-5 million a month. I am investing in a tank, roof and aeration system… at the end of April 2022, I will open my Koi fish shop. Total investment capital. about VND 100 million and I have a loan of about 70 million from my parents, the rest Mr. Hung lends without interest.If he lacks more capital, he commits to sell fingerlings and bran to feed the fish on credit, which can be paid back later. It’s okay” – Mr. Nguyen An Khanh, from Katy 5 village, Cu Ne commune, Krong Buk district.

According to Mr. Vo Minh Cuong – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Union of Krong Buk district, Koi fish farming is a very new direction in the highlands but has achieved certain successes. This contributes to creating the motivation for the creative entrepreneurial spirit of many local young people.

“The Krong Buk district youth start-up club is building many models or establishments of Koi fish in Dak Lak supported by Pham The Hung. Thereby, contributing to free vocational training and consulting for setting up career guidance for young people. From here, we can build clubs or larger cooperatives with new industries, create jobs for local youth as well as income to support families young people,” said Mr. Vo Minh Cuong.

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