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“Too delusional and arrogant”

On April 20th, Prince Harry’s new “blockbuster” interview was officially broadcast on NBC News in the US. The Duke of Sussex has made statements regarding the Queen and family members receiving mixed opinions.

“Prince Harry should think twice before he opens his mouth to speak”

In the interview, the Duke of Sussex dodged to answer about whether he misses his father and brother William. Meanwhile, the Queen of England is the central character that Harry mentioned a lot in the program of American television. The Duke of Sussex confidently asserted that the Queen had told him “things she couldn’t tell anyone else”. And Harry made sure he was protecting his grandmother.

The interview was conducted after the Sussexes made a secret visit to Windsor Castle last weekend. They are said to have had a pleasant conversation with the Queen of England for three hours. However, Prince Harry turned this “secret meeting” into a hot topic for him to share in the media.

British Royal Family Reacts To Harry's New Blockbuster Interview:

Prince Harry is causing anger in the latest interview.

According to the Daily Mail, a source close to the royal family said the Palace was shocked by Harry’s “arrogant arrogance”. They say many people feel the Duke of Sussex has an “imagination” that is too rich, the power of illusion has no limits. Royal expert Robert Jobson announced that Prince Charles, who only met Harry 15 minutes during a secret visit, is making the move to “completely break up” with his youngest son after the latest interview.

Robert Jobson said in the media: “Prince Charles only agreed to meet Harry on the condition that he not say anything about him in the media. Father and son have long since lost contact with each other, Harry was the one who took the initiative to meet.

Every family has problems, but Harry shouldn’t tell anyone about his private life. Prince Charles thought that if Harry leaked information to the outside, he would never accept this son again.“.

Palace staff also expressed frustration when the noisy interview appeared one day before the Queen of England turned 96. Many people believe that Harry has defied everything, “selling” his grandmother to save money. in return for popularity. This was unheard of in a member of the royal family.

British Royal Family Reacts To Harry's New Blockbuster Interview:

The Queen of England stands with her two favorite horses in this photo released by the royal family to celebrate her 96th birthday.

The Queen of England has had a difficult year, on her birthday everyone is doing their best to make the Platinum year the most memorable milestone in history by honoring and paying tribute to her, an excellent woman. The Queen of England should not have been treated like this. Prince Harry needs to think twice before he opens his mouth to speak“, a source close to the royal family revealed to the Daily Mail.

Currently, the Queen of England and Prince Harry have not given any official response. It is known that the head of the royal family will celebrate his birthday on April 21 privately. Meanwhile, Harry says that he protects her and is the one who understands the Queen. But the Duke of Sussex’s actions are in stark contrast to his words.

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