Smart air conditioner “reduces heat” for users before the hot season

Walking around the air-conditioner market, the Funiki air conditioner label of Hoa Phat Group is imported by many store owners and agents thanks to its high order closing ability and top sales. According to electronics sales staff, Funiki is chosen by customers to buy thanks to its many “worth-for-money” features, few errors during use, and a soft price for the majority of users.

Focusing on the mid-range segment, Funiki offers an expanded product range, with many lines from standard air conditioners, inverter air conditioners to smart air conditioners with integrated health care features, ranging in capacity from 1 -1.5 to 2.5 hp. The price offered by Funiki is also very “breathable” and competitive compared to competitors in the same segment, giving users easy access to products with many useful features.

One of Funiki’s best-selling lines at the moment is the Standard line of air conditioners, suitable for young families, single people living in small apartments, or apartments that need to be equipped with many things. Air conditioners for many rooms or business objects… Focusing on cooling ability and durability, this air conditioner is also equipped with an automatic mode to clean the indoor unit after use, helping to limit mold, bacteria growth, contributing to protecting the user’s health as well as increasing the machine’s durability.

Funiki is also “sold out” of the Inverter air conditioner line thanks to its outstanding advantages in operation and use such as: optimal power saving, stable cold maintenance, smooth operation, and high durability.

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Funiki’s standard range of air conditioners appeals to their durability and affordable prices.

Funiki’s standard air conditioners are currently being sold for about 6 – 7.5 million VND for the 1-1.5 horsepower version and about 10 – 14.5 million VND for the 2-2.5 horsepower version. . Meanwhile, models of Inverter air conditioners are being sold for only VND 7.5-9 million for the 1-1.5 hp version and VND 14-17 million for the 2-2.5 hp version.

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Health care and smart connectivity are the technology trends of air conditioners.

Families with the elderly and young children, interested in the line of air conditioners with health care features but are still afraid of the price, now have an additional option of the Funiki SmartCare+ air conditioner line with a very reasonable price if compared with products with similar features.

Towards health care, Funiki SmartCare+ smart air conditioner is equipped with a silver nano filter that enhances the ability to kill bacteria in the air, protecting user health. Besides, the machine is also integrated with vitamin C and activated carbon filters, which prevent ultraviolet rays, help skin care and anti-aging. The activated carbon material on this filter also has the effect of deodorizing, toxic gas … returning a fresh atmosphere for the family.

In addition, users can interact, select modes and control all features of the air conditioner right on their smartphones via wifi connection.

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Funiki confidently offers a good after-sales service with a warranty period of up to 30 months.

Funiki brings complete air conditioning products in terms of features and prices, supporting health care, satisfying all the needs of improving air quality and contributing to “cooling down” the refrigeration market this year. . Funiki’s smart air conditioner models are currently priced from VND 8 – 9.5 million for a capacity of 1-1.5 horsepower, which is very suitable for the income level and consumption habits of Vietnamese families.

Universalization of smart features and health care is part of Hoa Phat’s commitment, helping Vietnamese consumers have access to quality products, with many advanced features, at the most reasonable prices.


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