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Female office worker helps mother realize her dream of removing melasma

Thao My (25 years old, Saigon) saved for 3 years working to help her mother remove the melasma that has been clinging to her face for nearly two years.

Ms. Thanh Thuy – Thao My’s mother has had melasma on her face for a long time. Having been teased by friends because of her mother’s face, My has never been bothered by seeing her lack of confidence in life because of melasma. Although my mother did not share, My always wanted to help her remove melasma so that she would no longer feel guilty about her appearance. That is also the reason why she has a plan to save early, and has money to help her mother make beauty.

After 3 years since starting work, Thao My has saved enough. She also confided that the income is only average, not to mention having to spend on many other things for life, so it takes up to 3 years to complete the plan.

“For many people, this gift is not too valuable, but for me, it means a lot. For a person who has devoted her life to her family like a mother, this is probably the most practical gift to hold on to youth.” My share.

Not only saving money, Thao My is also worried about finding a reputable address to help her mother remove melasma. “Because the money was saved for a long time, I also considered a lot to choose a beauty salon. I was even more confused when I saw many cases of ‘money loss’ because of believing online advertisements, not finding them. carefully understand the information,” My said.

After many days of searching for information, from facebook to website, she finally found a suitable address. When I learned that there was a friend who used to do the service here and gave good results, My trusted even more, decided to register immediately for my mother.

Thao My's mother's face before and after removing melasma at Aura beauty salon.  Photo: Aura

The customer’s face before and after removing melasma at Aura beauty salon. Image: Aura

My mother said that when she first arrived at the beauty address, her mother was very worried, but thanks to the reception and meticulous advice of experts, both mother and daughter were more comfortable. Her mother was thoroughly examined and analyzed for her skin and melasma before consulting the appropriate method to remove melasma.

“I thought that removing melasma had to be expensive and painful, but the result was quite the opposite. During the procedure, the experts manipulated it quite gently, so I did not feel any swelling or pain. After that, it was fine. instructions on how to take specific care, so I am quite reassured,” My mother confided.

After removing melasma, Ms. Thuy was praised for being much younger and more radiant than her real age. She is more confident when going out, communicating with people. Seeing my mother’s change, My was happier because the gift on Mother’s Day (May 8) went smoothly, as planned.

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