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What is the best vegetable for a mother to eat?

What is the best vegetable for a mother to eat?

– Vegetables shrinkage: This is the “traditional” vegetable of mothers who give birth after giving birth. Spinach contains quite a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium… not only helps mothers increase milk production but also helps to contract the uterus and speed up the recovery process after giving birth, preventing inflammation. If you don’t know women After giving birth, what vegetables should be eaten, spinach will be the first choice.

What is the best vegetable for a mother to eat?  - first

Spinach is the leading vegetable for postpartum women. (Illustration)

– Vegetable spinach: For mothers with low milk supply, spinach is a great suggestion. The composition of spinach contains many saponins, vitamin A, vitamin B3, iron, which is very good for postpartum women. Dishes cooked from spinach, chicken, black beans simmered with milk help mothers have more milk, quickly recover, make their skin rosy and limit constipation.

– Jute vegetables: Often recommended not to use because of its soldering and viscous properties, which can easily cause diarrhea. However, if eaten in moderation, about 150-200g / day will be very good to help mothers benefit milk.

– Sweet potato vegetables: As a vegetable with sweet aroma, non-toxic, cool, eating sweet potato every day will help mothers benefit milk.

– Dill: Is a vegetable that helps increase milk production because it contains compounds anethole, dianethole and photoanethole. These compounds work to stimulate the production of estrogen and prolactin, which are essential for the production of breast milk.

– Seaweed: Very rich in iron and iodine, which is the main raw material for the production of thyroxine, iron to regenerate blood cells. Eating seaweed will help mothers increase the quality and quantity of milk and effectively supplement iron.

– Banana flower: Postpartum mothers can eat jellyfish or banana flowers like normal vegetables. According to Oriental medicine, banana flowers both help milk and are safe because there are no pesticides or stimulants.

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Banana flowers can also be used as a vegetable to help milk. (Illustration)

– Broccoli: Broccoli (broccoli) is one of the superfoods, not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also higher in protein, carbohydrates, and fat than many other vegetables.

– Red amaranth: Unlike the green vegetables mentioned above, red amaranth has a red color and therefore, the nutritional composition of this vegetable is also slightly better. Basically, amaranth has many minerals and vitamins, besides it is also high in fiber. According to many studies, eating red amaranth regularly will help reduce the risk of anemia, strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer.

What vegetables should be eaten after cesarean section?

In addition to the above vegetables, some other vegetables are also very good for women after cesarean section such as:

– Pennywort: Eating gotu kola not only helps mothers to benefit from milk but also has the effect of blood circulation, heat clearing, antibacterial, helping mothers after giving birth to have rosy skin after giving birth. Mother can use fresh gotu kola to cook soup with beef or lean pork loin… Or simply brake gotu kola to get water to drink every day.

– Kale: It is the ideal vegetable that mothers having a caesarean section should eat. In the composition of kale, it is not only rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, and calcium, but it is also one of the vegetables that contain a lot of folate and iron.

What is the best vegetable for a mother to eat?  - 3

Kale is an ideal food for women after cesarean section. (Illustration)

– Gourd vegetables: In the list of vegetables after cesarean section, mothers should not ignore the vegetables they are pregnant with such as gourd, zucchini, bitter melon… These vegetables have the function of supporting good digestion and have high nutritional content. , good for new mothers going through labor.

– Asparagus: Is a vegetable rich in fiber, supports good digestion, stimulates stomach contractions, creates a feeling of fullness quickly, benefits milk.

– Fenugreek: This is one of the top dairy products for mothers after cesarean section. Eating fenugreek will provide iron, calcium, and stimulate milk glands. In addition, the composition of fenugreek leaves and seeds is also rich in galactagogues, which help to produce more milk, limiting bloating and body aches.

What vegetables should women not eat after giving birth?

During the postpartum period, mothers should abstain from eating the following vegetables to avoid losing milk for the baby:

– Spinach: For mothers who have just had a cesarean section or have an episiotomy, eating water spinach will make the wound heal longer. Besides, water spinach is also cold, eating a lot is also not good for the digestive system of the mother after giving birth. Eating too much can cause stomach upset, cold stomach, affecting the health of children.

– Piper lolot: Some information suggests that postpartum women should abstain from eating guava leaves because it may reduce the amount of breast milk. Not only that, unlike other vegetables, guava leaves are hot and spicy, making the mother’s milk hot and not suitable for the digestive system of the mother as well as the infant.

What is the best vegetable for a mother to eat?  - 4

Betel leaf is a vegetable that can cause milk loss that postpartum women should not eat. (Illustration)

– Bitter melon: Commonly known as a good fruit and vegetable, it is not good for women who have just given birth. The ingredients in bitter melon contain vicine – a substance used a lot will cause headaches, abdominal pain … At the same time, it also affects the milk glands, causing the baby to suckle a lot, which will be affected, the immune system is poor.

– Cabbage: According to folk experience, pregnant women should not eat vegetables (especially cabbage) because they can cause urinary incontinence later. However, according to Western medicine, the fact that women leak urine is due to old age or many childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles such as anal sphincter and bladder muscles are weakened. So, whether to eat vegetables after giving birth or not, you should consult more.

– Bamboo shoots: It is believed to be a food that reduces lactation in breastfeeding mothers. The reason is that fresh bamboo shoots contain cyanide, which is very toxic. In heavy doses, it can cause death through the digestive tract.

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