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I want a divorce but I am afraid that my husband will do something foolish

My wife and I are both provincial people who come to Saigon to study and start a business, work in a normal office, not too difficult in terms of money.

I am 32 years old, my wife and I are the same age, and my daughter is five years old. Her husband is an only son, since childhood, she has been pampered by her mother, barely knowing what to do, not helping in the family. From the time I got married until now, I have done almost everything by myself, including taking care of the children. Many nights she cried, I stayed up all night to look after her, but he was still angry because she cried, which made me even more miserable. Every morning, I take my children to school and pick them up in the afternoon.

The patriarch, hit me very hard twice, not counting the times of smashing things, throwing things at me, fortunately I dodged. I cook he doesn’t fit his mouth also said. No matter what I do, wherever I go, I have to report it, I almost can’t send my children to him to go. We are like two strangers in the house. He asked to be close a few times a month, I closed my eyes to agree and tears kept flowing, hiding from him. For a long time, I no longer wanted to be near my husband, did not want to talk to him. I realized that I had stopped loving my husband. My salary is used for family expenses, I have a position in the company and a good salary. Your salary, you keep, happy, you transfer me a few million dong, if you are sad, ask for it back.

>> Fear of adultery because she no longer loves her husband

If I get a divorce, I’m afraid my husband will do something foolish. Once I wanted a divorce, he cried and asked to go to this temple and that. I want to have another baby, but I don’t have the courage to have a baby for you. I always wanted to escape from this life, afraid that if I had a child, I would have to share it with you. I’m also afraid that I won’t be able to continue to be lonely and lonely like this forever. Please give advice.


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