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Losing to Liverpool in the FA Cup final, Chelsea faces a turbulent future

Failure in the FA Cup final signals a turbulent future for Chelsea under new owner Todd Boehly.

Obsessive familiarity is the common feeling of the following Chelsea fans liverpool-liverpool-hy-vong-se-gianh-cup-fa-dau-tien-duoi-trieu-hlv-klopp-post1458442.html” target=”_blank”>FA Cup final against Liverpool. heads, missed many chances, drew 0-0 after 120 minutes and lost on penalties, Chelsea lost the match against Liverpool in the final of the FA Cup ended at dawn this morning (May 15) exactly the same way as losing in the final of the English League Cup. Chelsea tried to reach the final of a cup tournament, dragging the match into a penalty shootout, but the ending was empty-handed.

Chelsea empty-handed this season


During a difficult and difficult season, when he had to say goodbye to owner Roman Abramovichwas comprehensively punished by the British Government, regretfully lost in the quarterfinals Champions League Before Real Madrid and struggled to stay in the top 4 until the last round, Chelsea had hoped for a title to soothe the spirit. But that didn’t happen.

To find the cause of Chelsea’s defeat, Mason Mount’s tense and worried face before the decisive penalty kick summed it all up. While Liverpool players were psychologically comfortable, Chelsea entered the series with a tight mentality. The Stamford Bridge team has not really overcome the defeat against Liverpool in the League Cup final and the storms that have come throughout this season.

When a player playing the role of a leader like Cesar Azpilicueta still misses, perhaps Chelsea has no mental support left. However, facing Chelsea is much more difficult than the sadness of failure in a simple cup tournament. Roman Abramovich’s reign at Stamford Bridge has come to an end after 19 years of ups and downs. Chelsea belongs to a new owner and the immediate transfer is too risky for the London team.

Chelsea (right) could be in turmoil under new owners


After beating two billionaires, Sir Martin Broughton (former Chairman of British Airways) and Stephen Pagliuca (Chairman of the British Airways Club). Atalanta and the Boston Celtic basketball team), US billionaire Todd Boehly won the right to buy Chelsea. The US-Swiss alliance of Todd Boehly and Hansjorg Wyss took over the team in early May and is finalizing the transfer paperwork to be recognized as the official owner of Chelsea.

Doubt lies in the fact that it is not clear whether the US-Swiss alliance will turn Chelsea into a “golden egg” like Manchester United (MU) under the Glazer brothers. Any changes in the superstructure in a bad way can destroy the most traditional rich teams, but the example of MU, Liverpool or AC Milan before and now is still intact.

Chelsea have made a name for themselves over the years thanks to Abramovich’s bottomless pockets. The generosity of the Russian billionaire helps Chelsea become a giant and even after becoming a European power with 2 Champions League titles in the past 10 years, Chelsea still needs strong investment, especially in this summer.

Liverpool is experiencing another successful season


Antonio Rudiger is about to move to Real Madrid. Andreas Christensen and Cesar Azpilicueta prepare to go to Barcelona. Marcos Alonso, Romelu Lukaku could also leave, signaling a turbulent summer for Chelsea. If not replenishing forces in time, the Stamford Bridge team is in danger of collapse.

Of course, Chelsea still has many bright spots for the future. It has been a stable financial foundation for the past 5 years thanks to high-value sponsorship contracts and reasonable purchases. Chelsea have a young squad, led by one of the top tactical brains, Thomas Tuchel. Chelsea’s youth training system, women’s team… are at a high level.

However, the most important factor that investors care about is the ability to compete for big titles. Chelsea missed the opportunity to show this with a double defeat against Liverpool in the domestic league, leaving Real Madrid out of the Champions League despite having the advantage, or being short of breath first. Man City, Liverpool in the English Premier League. Tuchel’s teachers and students need to reform, but boss Todd Boehly has the patience or not, that is still a big question mark.

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