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Tips to keep bones and joints healthy

In addition to regular exercise, supplementing with calcium-rich foods, avoiding overweight, quitting smoking… also helps maintain healthy bones and joints.

Exercise often

Many osteoarthritis patients fear that physical activity or movement will increase pain or further damage tissues and joints. However, the truth is completely different. In fact, exercise helps reduce joint stiffness and pain while strengthening the health of the muscles surrounding the joints.

Maintain a healthy weight

For bone health, maintaining a healthy weight is essential. Being overweight puts the joints under a great deal of weight, which can lead to damage and rapid degeneration. Research also shows that losing weight also helps reduce knee pain, reducing the risk of arthritis.

Regular exercise helps to improve bone health.  Photo: Shutterstock

Regular exercise helps to improve bone health. Image: Shutterstock

Do gentle exercises

It’s not good to be active all the time. Try to maintain a few gentle exercises that help reduce pressure on the joints with moderate intensity. According to research by the Arthritis Foundation of America, sports that increase joint flexibility include swimming, golf, walking and cycling.

Good diet for joints

To keep bones and joints healthy, exercise alone is not enough, but it is necessary to supplement with substances that help bones develop well, including some foods rich in vitamin D and calcium. Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures, while vitamin D enhances calcium absorption into bones.

For patients with arthritis pain, the Mediterranean diet (increase the portion of fish, vegetables, tubers, fruits, beans, whole grains, reduce red meat, dairy products, sweets) as well. contribute significantly to this reduction.

Quit smoking

Smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. This habit also causes diseases related to bursitis or tendonitis. Low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis are also increased in smokers.

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