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Grade 12 students at the threshold of life: Choose to be a teacher or a worker?

This school year, college admissions has many changes, in which, there are 4 big changes:

+ Register for exams and admissions in the online form.

+ Apply for admission after the term high school graduation exam.

+ Only add priority points in the year candidates graduate.

+ Do not require candidates to confirm early admission.

Students register for the exam online. Not registering their aspirations in advance, but only when they have high school graduation results, they register for admission and also do not adjust their aspirations after registration, contributing to helping candidates choose a university closer to their needs, avoiding aspirations. virtual as before.

Pressure of high school students after a special year

Due to the epidemic, last school year had nearly half of the time students had to Online Learning create a lot of pressure on students. For the first time, the registration for high school exam information is done completely online. For the first time, students did not register for any university before the results of the high school exam were available. Students must make their own decisions and take responsibility for their choices. Teachers guide and check many times to help students register correct information.

“Teachers guide us to register online, complete it and check if the information is correct today,” said Duong Thanh Duc, a student in class 12A10 at Nguyen Du High School, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. know.

Mr. Le Hoang Long, Informatics Teacher at Nguyen Du High School: “I divide the shift for the classes to go down to the computer room, guide the students to register, then check for them”.

Grade 12 students at the threshold of life: Choose to be a teacher or a worker?  - Photo 2.

The pressure of children has also become a concern of many parents and students. “I took the exam, but my parents were more worried than me. With this registration form, my father ran back and forth to the school to ask, even though I said I could do it,” said Tran Ngoc Thuy Linh, a student in grade 12 A5 at the school. Nguyen Du High School shared.

Along with that, speeding up the review will compensate for the knowledge that the first semester has learned online. Some speed schools allow students to study for exams continuously even on weekends. Choosing a major and choosing a career for the future is an important question posed in the 3rd year of high school, students who have gone through many school breaks to fight the epidemic. Therefore, choosing which school to enter in any way is not easy for all students.

Grade 12 students at the threshold of life: Choose to be a teacher or a worker?  - Photo 3.

Currently, there are more and more different methods of university admission for candidates to choose the appropriate form.

5 main forms of enrollment:

1. National High School Exam Result

2. Reviewing transcripts

3. Direct recruitment

4. Competency assessment exam (National University of Ho Chi Minh City)

5. Competency assessment exam of a number of specialized industries

There are many enrollment methods, but “university don’t go to university” needs to have a smart choice and suitable capacity. Many candidates choose aptitude test to have more opportunities to choose a university that matches your ability. Competence assessment exam of the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City with an international standard test, suitable for the training program in Vietnam, shortens time and saves costs for candidates. In particular, more than 80 universities and colleges choose candidates from the results of this exam.

Competence test – More opportunities to go to university

Le Xuan Mai (student of class 12A10 at Nguyen Du High School) has just passed the 1st round of competency assessment last March. Although the score is quite high, enough points to enter some schools, but I still want to have more opportunities, so I register for the second exam this weekend.

“I took the first exam and prepared for the second exam, which is the door for us to easily get into the school we want,” said Xuan Mai.

Not only Xuan Mai but also many students chose to participate in this exam. 180 minutes for an integrated exam of 8 subjects. Many candidates choose this exam because they believe that the correct test is a capacity assessment, not a quiz.

Grade 12 students at the threshold of life: Choose to be a teacher or a worker?  - Photo 5.

This year, more than 80 universities and colleges have chosen the results of this exam for university admission. In which, the enrollment rate by this form in schools is about 10-15%. In particular, some schools in the National University block can enroll students up to 70% from the results of this exam.

After 5 years of organization, with a simple exam organization in line with international standards for assessing learners’ ability, more and more candidates choose this exam and universities and colleges also give priority to this exam. enrollment from exam results.

There are many opportunities for candidates to go to university, but that is not the only way to help them develop their potential. Many opportunities open up for candidates on the threshold of life after 12 years of study. Many of them choose to learn trades and have open doors for their future.

Apprenticeship – The choice of many students

Tran Thanh Phong (from Dong Nai province) decided to study automation majoring at Ly Tu Trong College. For me, it was a quick decision that was right for me and my forte.

Phong said: “I chose to go to college because I want to go quickly and accurately on the right path from the beginning.”

Not only that, the students majoring in Mechatronics of this school also have the opportunity to prepare to go to Japan to practice and work. Even participating in world skill competitions according to 4.0 standards.

A number of vocational training colleges in Ho Chi Minh City in recent years have increased their training targets, each year increasing by 5-20% over the previous year, even opening new majors to meet manpower needs for factories. Facilities must change even to bring businesses into the school and vice versa.

Grade 12 students at the threshold of life: Choose to be a teacher or a worker?  - Photo 6.

After graduating from high school, many students chose to learn a trade instead of going to university, and many even chose to turn early, right from 9th grade, graduating from secondary school was to go straight to vocational training. Many doors open, even skilled students are ordered by businesses and work since they first entered the school.

Going to university is certainly not the only door that helps them enter life easily. More importantly, it is the choice of the profession that best suits the learner’s capacity and forte, and creates value and the right human resource needs that society needs.

If you don’t pass the university entrance exam, there are still many other paths you can choose to enter your life. No need to be too pressured, learn a job and do well at your forte, a job can wait for learners while sitting in school.

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