The female singer shocked fans when she turned to filming 18+

The “Nifty” newspaper said that Rikako Inoue’s shift to acting in 18+ movies is causing controversy among fans.

Sheet Nifty Reportedly, former member of idol group Rikako Inoue suddenly announced to switch to 18+ movies, surprising the audience. According to Nifty, It’s not uncommon for idol singers to become AV actors in Japan.

But the case of Rikako Inoue is most shocking because she is a well-trained and selected singer. Her group is also recognized by experts and won many awards.

Idols are highly appreciated for their beauty and talent

Inoue Rikako was born in 1996, debuted with the group Fairy in 2011. Fairy was founded by the talent management company Vision Factory (now Rising Production). This company is famous for its successful artists such as Namie Amuro, MAX, DA PUMP and SPEED.

Fairy’s concept is “World-class talented group that can compete overseas”. The members were selected from 100 applicants studying at dance schools affiliated with Vision Factory, from 13 regions of Japan.

The name Fairy means that the members dance like a group of fairies in flight.

They officially debuted after a year of training together and released two songs “More Kiss, Song for You” on September 21, 2011. At that time, 7 members had an average age of 13.1.

At the 53rd Japan Record Awards, held on December 30, 2011, Fairies was honored with the Best New Artist award. They beat 2NE1 and Super Girls.

At the time of receiving the award, the average age of the Fairy was 13.6. They set the record for the youngest group to win this award.

The female singer shocked fans when she switched to filming 18+-1
Inoue Rikako used the new MV to announce the switch to 18+ filming.

That same year, the group won the new artist category at the Japan Record Awards, the Japan Cable Awards.

In the following years, Fairy worked hard and released many songs like Mr.Platonic, Metropolis, Crossroad… The group’s products are well received by the Japanese public.

According to Nifty, Due to being carefully trained and selected, Fairy’s beauty and dancing and vocal skills are highly appreciated compared to other idol groups. They are even called “saints” by many fans, Nifty said.

In 2019, Inoue Rikako had a hiatus from activities due to a hand injury. She went to the snowy mountains to film her first TV series.

As the scene begins, Inoue Rikako slips and falls down the stairs. The female singer said that the entire weight of her body was on her right hand, causing her wrist to break, serious injury and requiring surgery. Inoue stopped working for 3 months and couldn’t appear in the movie she wanted.

However, then Rikako Inoue joined the show Fracture Life Theater Honebara and share about life after trauma.

According to the female singer, that time she focused on fan meeting events. Worth mentioning, those activities helped her double the number of fans compared to before.

In June 2020, Rising Production announced that after much discussion, Rikako Inoue and two other members Sora Nomoto and Mahiro Hayashida decided to terminate the contract with the management company. Fairy goes on hiatus and Rikako Inoue retires.

At that time, the 26-year-old actress shared: “I came to this decision because I want to contribute to society in my new role. I debuted when I was in the 3rd year of middle school and have gained a lot of valuable experience through entertainment during the past 9 years.

I had great seniors, leaders, staff, managers, and members. I am grateful to them.”

However, in March 2022, Rikako Inoue changed her stage name to Yotsuba Kominato and reappeared in the industry. entertainment.

The female singer shocked fans when she switched to filming 18+-2
The announcement of the female singer surprised fans.

Controversial when turning to be an adult actor

At the time of her comeback, Rikako Inoue is active, such as taking pictures in weekly magazines and releasing solo products. However, in the latest MV released on May 16, Rikako Inoue announced to become an AV actress.

This message appears at the end of the MV with the words: “I will become an AV actor.”

Nifty said the announcement was so sudden and shocking that fans argued on social media.

“This is why my brain was destroyed”, “What’s the final announcement? I’ll support whatever you decide, but I want you to explain why”, “She did it” seriously, I screamed at work when I saw this announcement. It was just a dream, wasn’t it. I couldn’t believe it.” Nifty quotes audience comments.

Before the controversy of the audience, Rikako Inoue currently uses the stage name Yotsuba Kominato and appeared on a podcast program titled “Rikako Inoue’s Slightly Complicated Story”. Here, the female idol talked about the background and why she became an adult film actress.

“During the two-year hiatus from entertainment activities, I lived a normal life. I entered a company as an ordinary office worker. I was late in submitting the report and cried during my lunch break,” female singer said.

“About the reason why I decided to resume entertainment activities like music and photographing magazines, I wondered if I should do it again and again. And I think only I can make the decision.

The only thing I can do is show what I am most confident in, cheer someone up and be a part of their life.”she said.

The female singer shocked fans when she switched to filming 18+-3
Rikako Inoue is highly regarded for her talent.

Regarding becoming an adult actress, Rikako Inoue explained she is curious and respects that feeling.

“I, Rikako Inoue, will appear in an adult film. Initially, when thinking about continuing to work in the entertainment industry, I usually focus on acting, singing and dancing.

But that’s what I’ve done so far. Honestly, I wonder if my feelings will be different if I keep doing those things. I want something that conveys stronger emotions and determination“, she explained.

The actress emphasized: “I wanted to challenge myself by being an AV actor for once. It was not an easy decision.”

Before that, Rikako Inoue used to take many bikini photos in Japanese weekly photo magazines. Even in 2017, when she took a bikini photo for the first time, Rikako Inoue said she was very shy and uncomfortable.

At that time, Inoue shared that she wanted to listen to fans’ opinions that they did not want her to wear a swimsuit and keep her image pure.

Therefore, it is difficult for fans to agree with Rikako Inoue’s sudden turn to be an adult film actor. The incident is still controversial on Japanese social networking sites.

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