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False rumors about bird flu surround American farmers

More than 37 million birds have been culled and this is forecast to be one of the outbreaks avian flu worst in American history. However, farmers have one more worry, which is false information about the bird flu epidemic that is besieging on social networks.

There are “sensational” status lines such as “Avian flu is just a fake for some companies to push up the price of food”, “There is no evidence that bird flu is real”. Even in many places, there are rumors that bird flu outbreaks on American farms are related to the installation of 5G masts nearby.

All were confirmed as fake news.

The fact is that the United States is facing an unpredictable avian flu epidemic. According to the US Department of Agriculture, farmers in four Midwestern states have had to culling millions of poultry to prevent the disease from spreading.

False rumors about avian flu surround American farmers - Photo 1.

Tens of millions of poultry have been culled in the US during this bird flu outbreak. (Photo: AP)

Poultry families with a tradition of nearly 100 years like Brad Moline’s farm are really struggling.

Brad Moline, a chicken farmer in the state of Iowa, USA, said: “After what I have been through with the COVID-19 pandemic, I understand many people are always skeptical. However, avian flu It’s real and it’s going very seriously.”

According to the media expert, social networks are becoming a place where skeptics and conspiracy theorists exchange views and further spread false rumors.

Mr. John Jackson, Dean of the Department of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, said: “Whenever society is faced with an incident, people who spread conspiracy theories appear more. When the COVID-19 epidemic turns life upside down, It’s also a time when fake and fake information abounds on the internet. Now, in the face of avian flu, it’s all the same.”

Mr. Moline also said, after great damage from bird flu in the past, farms in Iowa state have upgraded biosecurity standards. Farmers were in a better position to face this outbreak. However, how much damage can only be known after the epidemic is over.

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