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China stimulates tourism during the Lunar New Year

Thai Binh (Resident of Vietnam Television Station in China)Saturday, June 4, 2022 20:11 GMT+7

The latest COVID-19 outbreak in China has been basically controlled, Shanghai has lifted its blockade, Beijing’s life is almost back to normal, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has eased many travel restrictions. in the vacation Lunar New Year lasts 3 days, lasts until tomorrow. This is an opportunity for localities to stimulate tourism demand and compensate for the damage caused by the epidemic.

Except for localities with medium and high risk of epidemic, group tourism will be suspended. The remaining companies are allowed to bring groups of tourists across the province if they ensure epidemic prevention regulations such as testing on arrival and departure. From August 2021, China almost stopped the activities of bringing tourists across the province. Recorded on online platforms such as Tuniu,, the number of bookings during these 3 days increased by 60-71%, the most are tours to Gansu, Xinjiang, and Chongqing. In the southern regions of this country, dragon boat racing and fun activities are bustling because there is no epidemic. Particularly in Beijing and Shanghai, authorities recommend people to go out on the spot. In Beijing, the number of guests booking hotels in the suburbs or shopping activities also took place more bustling. From June 1, half of the large outdoor tourist facilities in Shanghai have been reopened. Tourist attractions in enclosed spaces will be able to reopen when the epidemic situation is further improved.

On the occasion of the extended holiday, many localities have boosted consumer demand, such as Liaoning province subsidizing nearly 10,000 businesses selling food online, each business more than 4,000 yuan, more than 14 million for promotion. goods, Jilin province opened more than 150 large-scale promotion campaigns.

Service businesses are entitled to tax exemptions and discount coupons for government purchases. The city of Shenzhen also issued 30 million yuan, more than 105 billion VND in the form of digital yuan to give to the people. Localities like to race to stimulate demand to make up for what was lost because of the epidemic.

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