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Huda and the people of Central Vietnam set the record for the longest banquet table in Asia

After 2 years of “absence” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hue Festival 2022 has returned with many elaborately invested cultural and artistic activities, in which Huda will accompany the people of Central Vietnam to create Record “The longest banquet table in Asia”.

Impressive return of Hue Festival 2022

From the beginning of April 2022, the Summer Festival with the theme Hue Festival: “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development” has been kicked off. To serve the program, Thua Thien – Hue province has organized many special festivals and art performances to honor the traditional culture, as well as promote the scenic spots and regional cuisine. Central to stimulate tourism demand in the new normal period.

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Hue Festival 2022 is the first year the festival is organized in the direction of four special seasons

The focal point of Hue Festival 2022 is the Summer Festival taking place from June 25 to 30 with many important cultural and artistic events being held. Accordingly, a number of main programs and festivals include: Opening Arts Program, “Cultural Colors” Street Festival, Performances by domestic and international art troupes, Beer Festival , Trinh Cong Son Music Program, “Thousand Ancient Echoes” promotion program with Tuong mask procession festival and Royal Tuong performance, “Royal harmony” program and farewell music night. The highlight of this series of events is the Beer Festival activity held under the auspices of Huda beer brand. In the framework of the program, Huda will accompany the people of Central Vietnam to create the record of “The longest banquet table in Asia” as a gift of gratitude to the people and the beloved Central region after more than 30 years of “deeply” attachment. love”.

Set a new record “The longest banquet table in Asia”

Within the framework of Hue Festival 2022, the record-setting activity of “The longest banquet table in Asia” will first appear in the Central region, promising to attract a lot of attention from local people and tourists. The event was initiated and implemented by Huda beer brand – the Platinum sponsor of Hue Festival 2022.

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Huda is a Platinum Sponsor of Hue Festival 2022

According to the plan, in order for the record party to be created, Huda called on the people of Central Vietnam to participate in the brand’s interactive activities on social networks.

Specifically, with each moment of capturing the experience of Central Vietnam with a bottle of Huda beer shared on Facebook, customers will contribute to prolonging the meaningful party table. Huda will realize the efforts of thousands of people in the Central region with a banquet to set the record “The longest banquet table in Asia” held on June 26 at Phu Van Lau park, Hue city, province. Hue. At the party, Huda will treat the guests to great food combined with the unique flavor of Huda beer.

In addition to the beauty of regional cuisine, the event also gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a vibrant music show with spectacular performances. All will create a memorable central summer experience in everyone’s heart.

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The Huda brand shows its determination to conquer a new record through many strong activities, attracting the participation of a large number of people in the Central region.

It can be said that this event can be seen as a great pride of the Central region because it is carried out right in the homeland and contributed by the people here.

Mr. Branimir Bratanov, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Vietnam shared: “This record made by Huda together with the people of Central Vietnam is an opportunity to unite people as well as honor the natural beauties and praise the people of the Central region. good value of the land of Central Vietnam full of gratitude.”

The previous record of “Longest banquet table” was set by Asia Book of Record for the 810m long New Year’s table in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020. Huda’s event is expected to break this record and at the same time prove it. demonstrate the brand’s efforts in bringing people together through the “Central experiences in every bottle of Huda beer”.

To have the opportunity to participate in this event and conquer the record of “The longest banquet table in Asia” with Huda, customers can buy beer or participate in interesting minigames and games at the point of sale.


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