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The richest billionaire in the world, but Elon Musk hates being a CEO

Recently, the world’s richest billionaire, Elon Musk, caused controversy when he issued an “ultimatum” to force Tesla employees to return to work directly and threatened to cut 10% of staff. Many people condemned his tough instructions in the context that the Covid-19 epidemic has not been completely repelled.

In the past, the SpaceX boss has also caused controversy many times with his leadership role. Most recently, he was accused of harassing a former employee on a private flight.

Through all of that, many people who don’t like Elon Musk debate whether his personality really suits an executive. Whatever the answer, Musk himself admits he never wanted the position.

Accordingly, after a Twitter user reiterated that Elon Musk was replaced as CEO of in 2000, he replied: “I never wanted to be CEO – just wanted to work on product technology. Bill Harris (Musk replacement – PV) looked like he could make a great CEO with experience at Intuit, but he didn’t.“.

As the richest billionaire in the world, but Elon Musk hates being a CEO - Photo 1.

Musk admits he never wanted to be CEO.

Musk then added: “Running a company breaks my heart, but I don’t see any other way to bring technology and design to fruition.“.

In 1999, he founded – laying the foundation for future online banking payments. The company later merged with Confinity and changed its name to PayPal.

In 2002, he founded SpaceX and two years later joined electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors.

A few years ago, this goofy billionaire also revealed in a Tesla podcast that “I really don’t want to be a CEO“.

In the same podcast, Elon Musk said in 2003 that he started dreaming about an electric sports car after being tested with a tzero. However, at that time, he had to spend up to 80 hours a week building the new “child” that was born, SpaceX.

As the richest billionaire in the world, but Elon Musk hates being CEO - Photo 2.

Running the company made his heart ache.

Still wanting to be passionate about electric cars, Musk decided that he could spend an extra 20-30 hours a week as a production engineer at Tesla startup and leave things like operations to someone else. “I don’t like them anyway“- he shared.

After a few years with the team at Tesla, Musk deemed its former CEO – Martin Eberhard – ineffective and he fired him. Another time, because he could not find a qualified person for the CEO position due to the characteristics of the company, Musk was “forced” to step up to shoulder the responsibility.

Of course, Tesla’s success comes with the sacrifice of time that Musk has tried to avoid. On a CBS program in 2018, he said he spent 120 hours a week working after the company had problems making Model 3 cars.

His brother Kimbal Musk says Tesla is the kind of company one would avoid being a CEO. Elon confirmed, saying he still loves Tesla, just doesn’t want to go crazy about the job of the executive and “the level of pain reaches the limit”.

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