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Responding to the energy crisis

Pakistan has been facing prolonged power outages since last month across the country, as demand for electricity outstrips supply during the peak summer months, with temperatures in some areas reaching 50 degrees Celsius.

He added that the official fuel subsidy for ministers and government officials would also be cut by 40%. In addition, the Pakistani cabinet also established a committee to set out a work-from-home plan on Fridays for all Government and Semi-Government Offices.

Responding to the energy crisis - Photo 1.

A welder is unable to work because of a power outage in Karachi, Afghanistan. Photo: REUTERS

Meanwhile, according to Reuterson June 8, the German Ministry of Economy and Climate is preparing to submit a solution to promote the expansion of wind energy exploitation – an important part of the green transition strategy to cut fossil fuels.

The new law also sets out a uniform national standard to measure efforts to protect species, and requires wind power plant operators to make a financial contribution to species protection efforts under the government’s program. The Nature Conservancy.

Germany has an ambition to meet 80% of its electricity demand from renewable sources by 2030, with the goal of increasing its onshore wind capacity to 115 gigawatts (GW) – equivalent to the capacity of 38 nuclear power plants. core.

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