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Will Samsung launch a scrolling screen phone this year?

A reliable source on Twitter on March 24 said “Samsung’s third foldable device will be released in the second half of this year, adding that it is highly likely that it is a “phone”. scrolling screen“.

While the Ice universe expert says the phone will be released this year, supply chain analyst Ross Young thinks the device will likely be pushed back. “We think Samsung will start developing a rollable screen phone by the end of 2022,” Young said in a tweet.

At CES earlier this year, Samsung showed off several concept foldable phones, including one in which the phone’s screen extends to the right with a scrolling motion. Samsung calls the concept the Flex Slidable, however, Samsung has not said whether the device will actually be included in the company’s lineup. It’s unclear if the rumored new device will use a similar design.

Samsung did not comment on this information.

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Samsung’s newly launched foldable phones, the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, have become more popular than their predecessors. According to the company, these foldable phones sold more in the month of launch than their predecessors in all of 2020.

While foldable displays continue to gain popularity, companies are working on what could be the next trend in display technology: rollable or rollable displays. LG introduced the concept of a rollable phone at CES last year, and to kick it off, it started selling its first OLED rollable TV for a whopping $100,000. TCL followed suit when it introduced the rollable phone concept at this year’s CES. Apple even filed a patent for a flexible display, suggesting that a foldable or rollable iPhone could be coming in the future.

While these rollable phone concepts have yet to make their way into product lines, rumors suggest they could fit in our pockets and purses within the next few years.

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