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Google fined for breaking the law in Russia

These measures include a ban on advertising on Google and Google resources. The reason is that this corporation has violated Russian law.

Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor also accused YouTube of blocking Russian state-sponsored media outlets globally from using the video-sharing platform. According to the agency, YouTube has become “one of the main platforms for spreading fake information (fake images) about the progress of Russia’s special military operation in the territory of Ukraine, discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.” Russian Federation page”.

Roskomnadzor said the ban will remain in effect until Google complies with Russian law. Currently, Google has not commented on this information.

Last month, Russia also asked Google to stop spreading information that Moscow considers threatening Russian citizens on YouTube. Russia also blocked Google’s news aggregator service in March, accusing it of allowing users to access fake information about Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin on March 4 signed into law a law imposing prison sentences of up to 15 years for those who publish false information about the Russian military.

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