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Taiwan TV channel apologizes for mistakenly reporting ‘China’s attack’

Taiwanese TV channel apologizes for mistakenly reporting China's attack - Photo 1.

A lot of hot information accidentally appeared on the morning news of CTS on April 20 Taiwan – Photo: SCMP

CTS is one of the major TV channels in Taiwan and is owned by Taiwan Broadcasting System.

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, in the 7:00 am news on April 20 (local time), on CTS’s television channel, there were shocking news lines.

“New Taipei City was hit by a Chinese guided missile. Ship in Taipei Harbor exploded, destroying facilities,” the message appeared on the screen. “There is news that Ban Kieu station caught fire due to an explosive device installed by the agents,” another source said.

Other reports include phrases like “maybe war” and Taiwan’s leader has declared a state of emergency.

Not stopping there, many other information continued to appear on the screen such as the earthquake in New Taipei, the earthquake that caused the nuclear power plant to stop working, the plane crash.

“I was appalled when I saw the CTS news this morning and was wondering if it was real,” said a local named James Liu.

In the following news at 10 am on the same day, this TV channel apologized and explained that it had mistakenly broadcast information from a video about a disaster and war drill by the fire department. New Taipei Street.

“Please don’t panic. We would like to clarify information and apologize,” said the host of CTS and said that this was just a production problem.

The Taiwanese cultural agency responsible for overseeing CTS also apologized and asked the station to avoid making the same mistake. However, the opposition has called for the channel to be fined.

The incident took place in the context of a very tense situation in the Taiwan Strait, with China continuously increasing its military activities near the island in the past two years.

China has always considered Taiwan an inalienable territory and has warned that it could be taken back by force.

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