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Doctor: Which group of young people is at risk of stroke?

There are more and more cases of stroke around me at a relatively young age. So how do you know if you are in the risk group for a stroke? (MBRED42 years old, Quang Nam)

Doctor Duong Quang HaiDeputy Head of Stroke Department – Da Nang Hospital, replied:

A stroke is a condition in which the brain is severely damaged due to an interruption or significant reduction in the blood supply to the brain, causing the brain to lack oxygen and not enough nutrients to feed the cells.

If you want to know if you are in a high-risk group for stroke, you should see a doctor, stroke screening. Specifically, your doctor will see if you have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, disorders, atherosclerosis or not. In particular, it will identify cerebral vascular malformations, recognize cardiovascular problems, especially arrhythmias, or narrow or open heart valves… These are the main causes of heart failure. stroke.

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Cerebral vascular occlusion (left) and after recanalization by thrombectomy (right)


Accordingly, you will be screened through tests as well as imaging measures. Specifically, the doctor will perform a general examination, measure blood pressure, measure the electrocardiogram to see if there is a disorder, then continue to perform tests such as blood fat test, hyperglycemia, blood clotting function. If you have an ultrasound, you will have an echocardiogram, an ultrasound of the carotid arteries (that is, the blood vessels from the heart leading to the brain). In some special cases, brain angiography will be indicated by the method of CT scan of the brain, MRI of the brain and brain vessels to screen for causes and for preventive treatment.

After a person is screened for stroke, the rate of controlling and preventing stroke risk is very high. Because of the causes stroke risk such as stenosis, valve regurgitation, arrhythmia, blood vessel problems, high blood pressure, high blood sugar… will be controlled and handled soon.

To be screened for a stroke, you should go to a hospital with a stroke specialist, a doctor with expertise in stroke, or a medical facility with full equipment for screening and warning.

Group of young people warned of stroke

The older the person, the higher the risk of stroke because of many co-existing underlying diseases. Blood vessels in the elderly will be at risk of atherosclerosis, and the elderly also have a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and hyperglycemia. However, recently, many young patients (under 35 years of age) have also had problems health leading to stroke. Especially in people who use alcohol, stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, obese people, high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, early hypertension.

Many studies show that many stroke cases fall in the early morning, when first waking up. At that time, hormone levels in the body and some factors on blood pressure were not well controlled, easily causing strokes. Of course, these dangers persist for the rest of the time.

When symptoms appear such as weakness in one limb, sensory disturbance in one limb, mouth distortion, paralysis on one side of the face, voice change, difficulty speaking… are the most recognizable signs. about stroke. There are also other signs such as sudden dizziness, visual disturbancesshould also be to the hospital early to check.

When you have the above signs, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. Do not treat yourself at home with folk methods such as shaving, sauna, etc. Because the duration of symptoms lasts longer. the more brain cells are damaged. Specifically, if a cerebral artery occlusion is not reopened, that area of ​​the brain will be damaged. Or brain hemorrhage, uncontrolled bleeding, the greater the brain damage, affecting the patient’s life, making it difficult to restore function later.

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