‘Vietnamese women are given all conditions to win’

Sheet Phil Star suppose, I think Vietnam Winning is not surprising when the home team has all the advantages in this match, from the well-arranged schedule to the cheers of the home audience. “The Philippines is looking for a place on the podium at the SEA Games. But they encountered too many difficulties. The first is the pressure of 16,000 spectators at Cam Pha, then the physical strength.” Phil Star write.

“The Filipino girls have to go to the battle with tired feet because two days ago they had to play against Cambodia. While this is the first time the Vietnamese women’s team has appeared. It can be said that the Philippines alone had to fight too many “enemies” in this match. So Tahnai Annis’ goal is still not enough.”

Sheet Phil Star also I think that if I had more time to accumulate physical strength, the Philippines team would certainly show better performance, instead of losing most of the time against the Vietnamese women’s team.

Because with a group of players trained in the top women’s football environment, many players are playing for clubs in the US, Europe, and the Philippines Tel is a very quality team.

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Philippines takes the lead but can’t defend the result

The fact that they beat Thailand, thereby winning a ticket to the 2023 World Cup finals, while Vietnam must go through a series of intense play-offs to have a ticket to continue, shows the terrifying potential of the Philippines.

But with a 1-2 loss, this team will almost certainly be ranked below the “elder” in Group A, and will likely reunite with Thailand in the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, the sheet Tiebreaker Times admitted that the Philippine women’s team lost because it was not as skillful as the opponent in collective play: “The Philippine women’s team received a 1-2 defeat against host Vietnam, thereby making it difficult to win tickets to the semi-finals of the 31st SEA Games. as the leader.

This is the failure of Filipinas before the very people who would go with them to the FIFA World Cup 2023. Tahnai Annis gave us the lead after 14 minutes. However, with a more fluid and elegant play, the home team leveled the score. number just before the break.

Then, Tran Thi Thuy Trang scored the decisive goal in the 50th minute. This result means that the Philippines, who have 3 points in Group A, will almost certainly have to finish second.

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