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I don’t concentrate when reading books, I just like to chew, tear and throw books around

Books / stories are indispensable items in every family with young children today. Right from the time of pregnancy, many mothers have cherished about creating interest and letting their children read books as soon as they were born. That’s why the bookshelf is always full from book to book. However, not all children like to read books. While some babies are quite cooperative, can sit and read books for 10-15 minutes in a state of fascination, many other babies are not interested at all, even throwing or tearing books around, making their parents bored. discouraged.

At these times, many fathers and mothers are angry because their children are not like other people’s children, ruining all the books and not even concentrating. So in anger, some people scolded and yelled at their children, making them even more scared. Others force their children to continue reading until the end of the book, but they are extremely uncomfortable. So in this situation, what should parents do?

Stop if your child shows signs of resistance

Each child is an individual, possessing a completely different personality, so it is completely normal for them to react differently when exposed to a certain item. Many children lose concentration while reading and show signs of chewing/eating books, tearing them up, grabbing books and turning them on their own or asking to leave. All are normal and are showing a cognitive development of the brain.

Parents should not be too worried when seeing their baby like this. You should first choose age-appropriate books because books of the wrong age will make your baby not focused, a 2-year-old reading a 1-year-old will find it too easy and boring, on the contrary, a 2-year-old child will read it. Books of 4-year-old children will make them find it difficult, feeling frustrated because they do not understand anything. When choosing books at the right age, but with little concentration, parents can find ways to attract children’s attention, such as holding books to read to their children, limiting reading but only looking at pictures, reading less than enough. keep your baby entertained….

However, after many efforts, but the child still hates books, even angrily turns away or throws the book, parents should stop completely, let the child play another game and wait until the child is happy again before continuing. Continue to let your child read books. Parents should not be in a hurry because the more you force them, the more they will hate them, nurture your child’s love for books naturally.

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From what age should you read books to your baby?

The answer is that parents can read books / stories to their children right from when the baby is still in the mother’s womb. This is also known as the teaching method for babies. The baby is familiar with the mother’s voice, so when born, it will be easier to cooperate with the parents. Then, a few weeks after giving birth, the mother can also read to her baby. At first it was just black and white pictures with lots of shapes for children to practice their eyes, followed by sets of cloth books, then came paper books, audio books… In fact, it wasn’t until 6 months old that babies could have can be interested in reading, all of this depends on the personality of each child.

How long do you read books to your child?

For children who are just starting to get acquainted with books, they should only spend 5-10 minutes reading books to their children. Don’t worry too much about your baby’s distracting actions such as: jumping, asking to go out, chewing and turning pages late. All of these actions are completely normal and are showing cognitive development of the brain.

Some hyperactive babies can only focus for 1-2 minutes, so don’t give up if your baby doesn’t seem to like it. Such repetitions will help the baby develop brain and thinking, creating a huge development step in this period.

What should I do if my baby likes only one book?

This is a concern of many mothers because their children have a habit of reading only one book, all other books are “outlined” by their children, not paying attention and only focusing on their interests. own only. In this case, the mother should not be too worried because the views of children and adults are not the same. Parents may find this book better, more valuable, but in the eyes of their children, they like different images and different content and do not want to change.

Therefore, the fact that the baby is interested in a book, always choosing that book is what parents should be more happy than worried because the baby is developing cognitively well. You don’t have to try to introduce new books to your baby. It’s best to wait until your baby loses interest in that book, then it’s best to move on to a new book because that’s also a synchronic shift with the brain’s perception.

Sometimes, children also have the habit of having their parents read a book before going to bed. The reason is because when the child has mastered the content, he will feel secure to fall asleep without worrying about guessing or having to listen to what will happen next. So, learn and listen to your children in reading books, parents.

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What is the best way to read books to children?

Each child will have a hobby when drawing, reading, playing with toys… Some friends like to sit at the table, some babies like to lie on the bed, some like to stand and read… However, the position the baby sits in. Mother’s womb is the best because it is easy to attract the baby’s attention and the baby can hear the parent’s voice closer. The second best position is the baby lying on his back and the parent lying on the right side of the child.

Before the age of 3, mothers can choose books for their children by themselves, but after that, you should take them to the bookstore, introduce them to books of their age, and let them choose for themselves. Being able to choose what your child likes will make her more excited and interested in reading, so that reading is not forced, but she feels like discovering them.

Reading at what time is effective?

There is no fixed time for reading, when your child likes it, you can completely let your baby interact with books. Usually, many families choose the evening time before going to bed because that is when parents have a lot of time to spend with their children after a long busy day. It should be understood, reading is a game activity that you and your baby play together when the time is really comfortable and fun for both of you.

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Choose the right book for your child’s age

– Under 6 months old: Parents should choose books that are large, have contrasting colors, and have few words.

– 7 months-12 months: At this point, babies can repeat words that you emphasize to them. Parents should choose books that have an object or person on a page. When he hears you say that object or person, your baby will notice and babble along. You should read slowly and clearly, and point to the picture to show your baby the picture of the word you are saying. Try to read expressions, change facial expressions, hand point to pictures, voice repeat many times.

– From 1 year old to 1.5 years old: Parents can choose books with one or two short sentences for their baby at this stage. Making your story more interesting will help your baby learn faster. For example: If the book has a picture of an animal, pretend the sound of that animal. If the book has a picture of a cat, you can fake it “meow” many times, make the baby laugh and the baby will find it very interesting. One day, you will be surprised that your child will “tick” you back with silly calls like “wooow”, “meow meow”, “wow” This shows that he is developing his mind. only very good.

Alternatively, turn reading time into a language game with your baby by getting him involved in your reading by asking him questions as he reads. For example: Do you see the cat? It says “meow”. Please point to the picture of the cat; Or you can ask “where’s your nose?” and point to the nose in the book and the baby’s nose too.

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– From 1.5 years old and above: Choose books with 1-2 sentences per page and large pictures. At this age, your baby can recognize which books he likes and that is why he will ask you to read only certain books. Don’t worry and get bored doing this, read to your baby and be creative in each reading to make it more interesting. On weekends, you can take your child to a bookstore where there are different books. You should choose a book area suitable for your baby’s age and let him choose.

– From 3 to 6 years old: In this age, curiosity and inquisitiveness is the reason why children like to ask many questions ”Why?”. Children may be interested in books about weather, nature, animals or household appliances. Books also help children learn about a variety of emotions such as fear, joy, sadness, and anxiety.

You can choose books that show actions you want your child to follow, such as getting along with siblings or cleaning up toys by themselves. Children love stories that are easy to memorize, rhyme, and words with fun rhymes. You should read the book first to make sure that the books have a clear ending and the content is about happy things. the-nao-cho-dung-20220523115738416.chn

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