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More news about stepfather beating his wife’s stepdaughter, sprained spleen, broken ribs

The victim is a nephew of DTNH (born in 2006, living in Chau Thoi commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu province). stepfather Mr. Nguyen Chi Bac (born 1980, living in Vinh Long province) beat ice water with a pestle and was seriously injured. It is known that Mr. Bo has been living with Mrs. HKX (H.’s mother) as husband and wife for about 2 years now.

More news on the case of the stepfather beating his wife's stepdaughter with a broken spleen and broken ribs - Photo 1.
More news about the case of the stepfather beating his wife's stepchild, his spleen was broken, his ribs were broken - Photo 2.

H.’s health is now gradually stabilizing.

Before that, on the afternoon of April 15, there was a conflict between Mr. H. and Mr. Bo in daily family activities. While arguing, Mr. Bo used a pestle to hit H.’s stomach with ice water. Grandson H. ran away and tripped. Mr. Bo continued to hit his head and stomach with a pestle, knocking him unconscious. Discovering the incident, the family immediately took H. to the General Hospital (General Hospital) of Bac Lieu province for emergency treatment. And Mr. Bo fled the locality.

Information from Bac Lieu Provincial General Hospital, on the evening of April 15, H. was hospitalized in a critical condition. Through consultation, CT-Scan, X-ray, ultrasound, the doctors determined that H. had a head injury, broken spleen, broken rib No. 9. After 4 days of treatment, H.’s health is now. . has gradually stabilized.

According to Huynh Van Hong (SN 1950, grandson of H.), his daughter, Ms. X. has 2 children with her deceased previous husband, in which H. is the eldest daughter. 2 years ago, Ms. X. lived as husband and wife with Mr. Bo and had a 7-month-old daughter together. Mr. Hong asked the authorities to urgently investigate, clarify, and strictly handle according to the law Mr. Bo’s assault and beating of H.’s grandson.

Regarding information that Mr. Bo showed signs of mental illness, Mr. Pham Van Lam, Chairman of Chau Thoi Commune People’s Committee, said: “This information has not been identified because the police are handling it. I have heard that Mr. Bo enjoys social protection in Vinh Long province, but I have not been able to confirm it exactly. In the locality, Mr. Bo still lives normally, even working as a hired worker.”

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