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Discovered 5 bears hibernating near people’s houses in the US

A California family suddenly found out that they were sharing a house with a family of 5 bearis an adult female and 4 pups baby Bear. The bears spent it all winter sleeping in Lake Tahoe.

Discovered 5 bears hibernating near people's houses in the US - Photo 1.

Before winter began last year, this five-member bear family found a “safe space” near a home in Lake Tahoe, California and decided to hibernate there.

During the winter, residents heard “some strange noises resembling snoring and rumbling” beneath their floors, but could not determine the source of the sounds.

It wasn’t until spring, when the bear family woke up and gradually came out of its hibernation location that people knew it was there.

Locals called in staff from the bear conservation organization and the Bear League rescue service to remove the bears.

Bear League chief executive Ann Bryant said: “They just woke up from hibernation. We took the mother out first and then she called her cubs to come along.”

There are three species of bears native to North America, but the Tahoe bear is the black bear, the only wild species in California, with an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 bears in the state.

Black bears can weigh up to 227 kg and during the summer months they spend almost 20 hours a day eating large amounts of nuts, fruits, insects and small mammals, saving energy for the months coming winter.

According to the North American Bear Center, black bears begin foraging or building cozy winter nests from September to October each year. They look for rock crevices, caves and hollow trees and on rare occasions they come close to houses.

Once in the den, the bears prepare to hibernate, their body temperature drops, and their heart rate drops from 80 to 100 beats per minute to 50 to 60 beats per minute.

Black bears will hibernate for several months until spring arrives. The weather is warming up, which is the right condition for black bears to work and find food. They are quite bold and are not afraid to go into inhabited areas in search of food. Houses need to be safe and protected from animal attacks.

The Bear Research Group recommends that residents and visitors to Lake Tahoe not approach a wild bear. If you happen to be near a bear, do not act aggressively towards it.

If bears are seen, people should keep their distance, warn neighbors and keep crowds to a minimum. In some cases, it is possible to scare the bear, temporarily repel it by shouting, clapping, honking the car horn.

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