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Photos of Ukrainian civilians leaving the besieged city of Mariupol

An operation to remove civilians from the port city of Mariupol has taken place, but hundreds of people are still trapped in the “steel fortress of Azovstal”.

According to the AP and Reuters news agencies, today (May 2), when they arrived in the territory controlled by Ukraine, those who had just been evacuated from Mariupol described weeks of living in poverty and repeated bombardment. .

This evacuation, if successful, would be a rare progress in reducing casualties after nearly 10 weeks of war. Previous attempts to open humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and elsewhere were unsuccessful. Ukrainian officials repeatedly accused the Russians of firing and shelling the agreed evacuation routes.

The Russian military said that some residents of Mariupol who had taken shelter in the Azovstal steel plant were taken to a village controlled by Russian-backed separatists, while others left because wanted to go to territory controlled by Ukraine. According to AP, they have not been able to verify this information.

In the past, Ukrainian officials accused the Russians of forcing Ukrainian civilians in the places they captured to go to Russia. However, Moscow denied the information and said that the people wanted to go to Russia.

Mariupol has become a symbol of human misery due to war cause. The Russian siege has left the inhabitants of this city without electricity, water, food, and medicine.

The Russian military said that 126 people left Mariupol in safe convoys two days ago.

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A convoy carrying evacuees leaves Mariupol. Photo: CNN
sau khi roi mariupol nguoi phu nu ukraine da khoc khi toi trung tam danh cho nhung nguoi phai di so tan trong nuoc anh reuters bfed6c015df747e1ab4edecf967842a2
After leaving Mariupol, the Ukrainian woman cried when she arrived at the center for internally displaced people. Photo: Reuters
em nho vua roi khoi nha may azovstal va duoc dua di so tan tren mot chiec xe buyt dong nguoi anh reuters f5fc9ae5f78d4353a8c7dc9521f21ef3
The child had just left the Azovstal factory and was evacuated on a crowded bus. Photo: Reuters
hai me con doan tu sau khi nguoi me co the roi khoi nha may azovstal anh reuters f60a0702c9f147e4b77c6efde210e983
Mother and daughter reunite after the mother is able to leave the Azovstal factory. Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters

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