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FAQ about hemorrhoids and treatment direction

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Dear doctor. After I went to the toilet, there was a lump of flesh that had to be inserted with my hand, but there was no bleeding. I have lived with it for a decade now, neither increasing nor decreasing. So I have hemorrhoids and should it be treated? Treatment how?


Hi, the excess meat that you have to use your hand to insert when going to the toilet may be the prolapse of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are also known as hemorrhoids. This is a condition in which the veins inside the rectum and anus become swollen and swollen due to constant pressure or compression, forming internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids.

Depending on the severity and type of hemorrhoids, the treatment will vary. With mild hemorrhoids, you just need to abstain from certain foods, properly add fiber (including soluble and insoluble fiber), use more lettuce, spinach, fruit…; Supplementing with collagen-rich foods if you have first-degree hemorrhoids, combined with some defecation exercises will completely heal. In case of large hemorrhoids, large hemorrhoids protruding like you or around hemorrhoids there is a lot of excess skin … most must be treated with surgery for the best results.

In the above case, the initial preliminary diagnosis is that you have grade 3 internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are divided into 4 degrees, each degree will have different treatment methods, if not treated early, complications are easy to occur: Bleeding during bowel movements, if prolonged, leads to severe anemia causing fatigue, weakness, and increases the risk of anal – rectal cancer…

The best way to treat grade 3 internal hemorrhoids is surgery to prevent complications, reduce damage when turning to grade 4. Currently, there are many painless, safe and effective surgical methods, you should go to the doctor’s office. Reputable medical facilities for screening, consultation on disease status, timely diagnosis and treatment.

Hemorrhoids are quite “sensitive” often causing quite a lot of influence on psychology and daily life, reducing quality of life. When experiencing the above symptoms, go to the nearest medical facility immediately or go to Hoan My ITO Dong Nai Hospital for treatment. Doctor CKI Le Manh Tri has more than 15 years of experience specializing in the treatment of hemorrhoids – directly examining and definitively treating all types of hemorrhoids with painless, non-recurring surgical methods.

BS.CKI Le Manh Tri

Head of Department of Surgery – Obstetrics – Interspecialty

Hoan My Hospital ITO Dong Nai

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