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Husband over 15 years old wants to have more children but “escapes love”, depressed young wife asks netizens for advice

When they first fall in love, both can be very passionate, every “love” is passionate even though the frequency is continuous. But after getting married, perhaps because of work pressure, a life of bread and money, family responsibilities, etc., the sexual relationship between many couples is not as good as before.

Recently, a young wife in Taiwan shared her story on social media and asked netizens to “donate”. She said that she met her current husband when she was 22 years old, then he was 37 years old. When they first fell in love, every day they had a desire to be close to each other, so after dating for 3 months, she got pregnant and the two quickly got married.

The couple then welcomed their first son. Despite having a caesarean section, the young wife’s ability to recover was very good, so she was discharged from the hospital only 5 days after giving birth. Because she did not gain much weight, she quickly regained her body after giving birth, even more beautiful than before.

Thought that the husband had to “starve” for a long time would be very restless, eager to be close to his wife, but unexpectedly he still did not mention anything about “love” even though his wife had been born for 3 months. At this time, the wife took the initiative to pamper her husband, but their “bed activities” were no longer the same, only 1-2 times a month.

Husband over 15 years old wants to have more children but

The husband’s indifference to “sex” makes his wife very depressed and heartbroken. (Illustration)

After that, the wife also tried every way to ignite the fire of love in her husband, but to no avail. The two even quarreled because of this to the point of almost getting a divorce, making the wife very depressed and heartbroken. The wife also affirmed that her husband has no sexual health problems, no adultery because he loves his wife and children very much, always comes home from work on time and he is very comfortable when his wife uses his phone and computer.

After 3 years, recently her husband no longer behaves casually when “making love” or refuses when his wife wants to be close anymore because he wants to have more children. However, the frequency of “bed activities” of the two is still the same, twice a month.

“My husband wants to have more children, but with whom should I give birth now? Last month I missed my period, my husband was very happy because he thought he was about to become a father for the second time. After I had my period, he showed a very disappointed expression. But we only have sex twice a month, how can I conceive with such a low frequency?“, the young wife posted on the piano to tell her suffering.

Husband over 15 years old wants to have more children but

The wife wants to improve “sex” with her husband but does not know how. (Illustration)

The story quickly received the attention of the public, many people believe that the age gap is the main reason leading to the frequency of phase difference between the two. Some pointed out that work pressure, family responsibilities, etc. are the reasons why a man is indifferent to “sex”, the wife should spend more time taking care of her husband, trying new things to help her husband. rekindled her husband’s inspiration.

What should a wife do when her husband “escapes love”?

– The wife should have a frank discussion with her husband about this issue, find out the bottom line to thoroughly solve the problem.

– The wife should not ridicule, criticize when her husband’s sexual health is not good, because this action will make the guy feel psychologically inhibited, from which everything will be worse.

– If it is a problem related to sexual health, the wife should encourage her husband to go to a male specialist hospital for medical advice. However, the wife should be tactful, not taking the problem too seriously, putting pressure on her husband.

– The wife also needs to examine herself, because a woman who does not know how to take care of herself, sloppy also makes her husband feel bored and lose interest in “sex”.

– Husband and wife should spend time together to warm up their feelings.

– Create a private, romantic space when “in love”.

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